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Monday, August 4, 2014


I've been asked why I don't hang out with anyone, or why I ignore people sometimes. Because I am passionate, I am fully realized power. Can you handle that? If you can't, that's why.

People think there's something wrong with me in the presence of strong emotion, but I'm really just supremely present and passionate. There are very few people that can handle that level of Love for Life. I used to believe what people thought of me when I did express my passion--that I was too emotional, or making a big deal out of everything. What I said and felt may or may not have been motivated from the right perspective, but the real mistake I made was to shun myself, because those who couldn't understand what I was going though looked at me like I had lost my mind. However, for most of my life, even in the midst of my anger and passion I am present. There is a distinct logic to my actions and emotions which many people cannot understand, because they operate on a different logic. Most people avoid confrontation, it makes them EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE. As long as everyone is present, anger can be beautiful and serve a legitimate purpose. As long as we understand that sharing our emotions and fears are workshops--spaces of consciousness development, instead of unfortunate incidences, we can begin to REALLY grow. Anger does not require violence. Passion shouldn't be so threatening.

To expand this topic, look at a man like Steve Jobs. If Ashton Kutcher's portrayal in the movie 'Jobs' is accurate, then a passionate, emotional nerd genius created YOUR iPhone, or at least was the Creative Director of this amazing piece of technology.

To digress, it's amazing to me that the passionate people are not uplifted by humanity--they're usually the most fun, the most innovative, the most creative, and the most inspiring people our planet has to offer. Without passionate people, we would have no buildings with elaborate architecture and structure. Without passionate people, we would have no Beyonce, (whether you like her or not, or just think of your favorite musician!). Without passionate people, we would have no Christopher Nolan--no revival of the Batman franchise, (or no Marvel, no Avengers, no Star Wars VII coming up). Without passionate people we wouldn't have gone to the moon. Without passionate people we wouldn't have any kind of spiritual guidance toward greater understanding from anyone. If the world had to rely on the layman, we wouldn't have done anything, and maybe that would have been alright, but I don't really think so.

Think about a passionate person next time you turn on a computer, or open a book, or watch a movie. Think about a passionate person when you listen to a great song that you feel a deep connection with. Kurt Cobain killed himself because he was passionate! I know that's hard to believe, but passionate people are dramatic, too! How do you think he was such a genius? By studying hard for math problems in school, or hangin' out with friends? No! He was extremely engaged, present, and passionate with his music! His expression may have been different than others, but the fire is the same! (Btw, I'm not saying he didn't have friends, or didn't study in school--I don't know what his either experience was like)

What do you go to a concert for? To see a musician act like you do on your most bored day? No! You want them to bring that energy! So why don't YOU bring it?!?

No, everything is not a nuclear bomb about to go off in nine seconds, but that is how it can feel to a passionate person. I think the only major lesson people like me need to learn is patience. The fire is strong, and every moment is an opportunity to do something amazing. Why bullshit on it? Bring your Love, your passion, your fight, your everything! Still everyone is not on the same page with you, and that can be frustrating. It's not a put-down to them, but frustration is an honest experience when dealing with those you don't feel are on the same page.

There were a series of events that prompted this message, and I was inspired to write this.

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