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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Love is Knowledge.

I've learned to Love my bullshit, the 'negativity' that I've come from in order to be here.

It can be hard not to compare yourself to others' seemingly confident veneer, but that's just what it is, a veneer. The practice is to completely focus on your own process. That's why I Love my bullshit.

True Love is Knowledge. Knowledge is Awareness, is Consciousness. True Love dissolves all ignorance. True Love is Self-Knowledge, which brings perspective, and Light to your process, and transforms your crap into Gold.

Most people I know understand this to be the Alchemical process.

I am coming into a space where I am seeing how full of shit I am, but I have Perspective, so there is Real Love, Real Self-Knowledge.

I find that when I talk to people sometimes, they seem to be so sure of who they are and I look at myself, my insides rattling around like marbles in a washing machine. However, when I shift my focus from comparison to isolating my personal process in my mind, Love emerges and flows effortlessly.

I've tried to hide my insecurities in the presence of others. Why? Because I've told myself the story that, what they think about me is more important than what I think about me. The irony is that I'm the one that originated the thought which gives 'others' power! So I've had the power all along!

Sometimes anxiety comes up during conversations with others, out of fear of abandonment. The slow-cure (meaning patience is required) for this one is to be non-attached to whether a person sticks around or not. If the world reflects you, then it reflects what you believe about yourself. If you are 100% honest with yourself, you will allow those that drift in and out of your life to do so without complaint--still working on that one, though.

Another irony is that, if you open yourself up to be totally nude in front of the right people, having a "Here-is-everything-even-my-faults-I-don't-care-whether-you-like-it-or-not-you-can-stay-or-leave" attitude, many people tend to be intrigued by that (not that you have that attitude for others' intrigue).

Within that attitude is the intention to integrate more knowledge, so those 'faults' line up with the flow of life, thus creating and supporting harmony.

Loving your journey, bumps and all is part of what is called Unconditional Self-Love. Who are you when everyone's gone and the lights are out? Do you know that 'you'? Are you comfortable with that 'you'? When something happens that doesn't put you in the best light, are you present in Love even then?

Self-Love is more valuable than any book. Self-Knowledge is the only true knowledge by which you know everything else. Love everything about you, forget what others think, and watch your entire life become Gold.

Love is Knowledge. Love yourself completely and Know Everything.


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