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Monday, September 22, 2014

Exposing the Struggles of 'minorities' to Bring Awareness and Balance to Society

I don't give a damn about what 'race' you are. Race is a farce, a man-made creation to further manipulate and control sleeping humans. I talk about Black History because if you don't understand your History, you are ignorant to the things that make humanity stupid, and that make humanity GREAT.

We're not taught the real history of the world, which is, if you go back far enough, 'Black'.

The majority of the world is made up of brown to black skinned people (yes there are some that are literally black-skinned); a small minority has pale skin.

This is not to claim superiority AT ALL. It's just a fact.

I don't give a damn about gender. Gender is another silly game to get humans fighting while the controllers keep herding you into the slaughterhouse. I support certain forms of feminism, because, it's important to have that awareness of the feminine energy.

Even though I support the apocalypse of true Black History and Feminist thought, they are not the end of the road. Why? Because the world is not supposed to fellate Blacks and Women just because their blacks and women, only to have true Heart Awareness and respect for these two groups.

The reason for the last paragraph is because I think both groups can take their 'movements' out of proportion sometimes. There is a danger in that kind of thinking, a subtle tyranny that begins to play out, where both of these groups, in not healing themselves, fail to see the entire picture that it is not only their groups that are being disrespected an abused, IT IS EVERYONE. They don't see that ALL PEOPLE ARE ONE, and their wounds distort true vision, leading them to read into many situations with too much 'movement'-type fervor. Their wounds also create a mental bulwark which blocks integrating information from coming into their energy field--this, is created from fear and dualistic thinking.

I apocalyze Black History and Feminist Thought because the intention is to share information TO CREATE BALANCE. They say this era we are shifting into is a return of the feminine. It is not; we've already lived through that era.  This coming era is the BALANCE and FULL INTEGRATED MANIFESTATION OF BOTH MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGIES TO CREATE HARMONY AND PEACEFUL RELATIONS.

Balance must be created in all areas. Just because Blacks have been persecuted doesn't mean that they can complain all the time. Just because Women have been persecuted doesn't mean that a man can't speak up and  propose something that might help the Woman integrate knowledge. This is why these movements of Afrocentrism (for lack of better terms) and Feminism should see themselves as groups of HUMANS creating AWARENESS to in turn create global human societal BALANCE. We are humans first in this physical playground--we shouldn't denounce, demonize, or marginalize one another because of our physical or intellectual differences. Just keep BALANCE.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

A Short Blog: What is my purpose?

A Leaf has no other purpose than to be a leaf. Through its BEING/existence do the functions come. Purpose is being, and BEING is the purpose you seek. CONGRATULATIONS, you've aced the exam. Now surrender to yourself.

You don't seem to understand how powerful your mere existence is. See, you've been taught to deny it--that only by doing or having something can you validate your existence. 

This is folly, ludicrous! The irony is that, no matter what you do or don't, have or don't have, YOU STILL EXIST! 

People think they have to stress themselves out for years seeking their 'purpose'.

People think purpose is a thing you 'do'.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Think about a tree. 

Searching for your purpose as something that you 'do' is like thinking that the leaf on the tree is the source of energy for the entire tree, when, in fact, it is the extension of the tree's energy.


So what are the roots of you?


If you can STOP searching for the answer, sit still, and be okay with just being alive--and sit with that feeling in your heart, in your body, no matter what happens--you will find life begin to reveal something very profound to you.

What is that?

That your very BEING is your PURPOSE.

Sounds silly, I know, but think about this:

Since you already exist, 


In other words, by acknowledging your very BEING through the ability to sit still and be content with the life you are living, life, EXISTENCE itself, which you are, will begin to reveal a 'purpose' to you; it will reveal a 'thing that you do'.

When you settle into a space of gratitude, and focus on the positive in life, you settle into your BEING. No matter how your life has been, YOU ARE ALIVE, YOU EXIST, AND THAT MUST BE FOR A REASON.

Because you exist, you must already be validated.

Because you exist, you already matter.

Loving that you exist begins to draw better and better things to you;


So stop 'searching' for your 'thing to do' and realize that it has already been found--YOU EXIST.

Now surrender to being grateful that you exist, and surrender to the blessings that are coming.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Knowledge Creates Equality (Know Your History)

The next time you think a black person that attempts to tell you just how black-influenced history truly is, is focused on separation and prejudice, first, carefully listen to their words. Second, you might want to double back on your own thoughts--you might prejudging where the person is coming from as opposed to truly listening and having compassion.

Most of us have been programmed to tune out or dismiss the black person who announces a version of history contrary to what you were taught in school. However, not all black people know what they're talking about, because black people are human beings, and most human beings don't really know what they're talking about much of the time. But don't let your programming get the best of you.

Other 'races' presented in western society are praised or left alone for knowing their history--but black people are told to 'get over it' or that they themselves are prejudiced and promoting fear and separation, but I say what Lucy said "Ignorance creates chaos, not knowledge". The 'get over it' and accusations of promoting separation and being a fear-monger are taken especially by the spiritual community without a sense of perspective or compassion for the plight of people who are taught that they are less valuable simply because they were born with brown/black skin. The truth of the matter is, much of the knowledge of true history will reveal more brown/black skin than we've been told, and this in turn, would give humanity a chance to have real perspective about itself, and the path to true equality might be more likely.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

HOW TO START A RAW VEGAN LYFESTILE - A guide on a journey to higher awareness

Here is an excerpt from my new e-book, HOW TO START A RAW VEGAN LYFESTILE, soon to be released for FREE online.

If you want to make a change in your life, you have to really want it. No one can want or do the work for you.

This is intimidating to many people; understandable if you’re looking at transition as this giant mountain of achievement--but it’s liberating when you are able to visualize the result you truly want.

More energy? Better Health? Moral reasoning? Greater enjoyment of life? These are some reasons that people have to change over to a raw vegan lyfestile.

When people hear that I am Raw Vegan, they look at me amazed. “Wow, good for you” they say, as their tonality betrays that they don’t think they could ever do what I am doing. They’re right--they can’t do exactly what I’m doing, but they can become a Raw Vegan, and find their own expression of it, once they master the stile.

Many people are afraid of the Raw Vegan Lyfestile, claiming that it is a denial of the necessary nutrients the body needs to survive. However, the contrary is true; if you know how to live the lyfestile, you actually get exponentially MORE benefit from the foods you eat than in a primarily meat of cooked/processed food diet (No disrespect to those who eat those kinds of diets, by the way).

You see, when food is cooked and processed, it actually drains the food of its nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes. This makes food harder to digest, and in many ways can make it a slow poisoner of the body, leading to eventual cancer and even death.

Though cancer and death is not always the case, lower energy levels certainly are. Cooked and processed food does not actually give much energy to the body--it leeches energy from the body. With all the healthy stuff cooked or processed out of the original food (if it’s really food at all, much of it is synthetic), it gives very little good stuff for the body to break down and use for its cellular and tissue properties.

The body uses energy to digest food. If the food you put in has less energy than it takes your body to digest it, you have lost energy. It’s just like corporations, always talking about their profits and their losses. Your body is a corporation. In fact, the word ‘corporation’ is derived from the Latin word ‘corpus’ meaning ‘body’.

When you eat food that has more energy than the body uses to digest it, you have gained energy. I want to draw your attention to something:

When people eat, most are not aware that what they eat literally becomes their physical makeup at the atomic and cellular level. What you eat is converted into energy the body can use to create more cells, to sustain your physical life. When you eat food with little nutrients, or poisonous food, you are essentially creating poisonous cells, and what is another name for a poisonous cell? A cancer cell.

This book details my experience in how I became a Raw Vegan Lyfestiler, and the insights I gained from the process. I was lucky--I got a lot of breaks and help, but even if you don’t have what I had, you can still do it! That’s what this book is for.


G.A.B.E. aka Kimya

P.S. Subscribe to my blog (comment to let me know you did ) and I'll give you a free copy of the entire e-booklet!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Reflection on 9/11, David Icke, and Top-Down Corruption

I remember when 9/11 happened, I had been reading David Icke's "The Biggest Secret" intensely around that time. For anyone that is familiar with David Icke, I always called his information "Awakening 101".

I was in my junior year of high school, and an announcement was made school wide on the intercom. I didn't really grasp the physical and psychological depth of what had happened until I got home and saw on the television. After reading Icke's book, where he describes in detail the level of merciless sadistic manipulation of the people, I still asked myself, "Is this 'them'? Did the 'powers that be' that David discusses in his book, do this?

Before seeing the footage of the plane hitting the south tower, nearly every event I had read about in David Icke's book had happened before I was born, or old enough to comprehend the scope of manipulation. I knew about Princess Diana's death, in 1997, but this, this was happening right before my eyes. This was alive, and growling. It had also happened a few weeks after Aaliyah's death, of which the press completely forgot; Aaliyah was swept right under the table.

Putting the puzzle pieces together mentally, things did smell fishy. Back then, I didn't think for myself as much as I do today--Icke was my guide, my barometer of corruption and consciousness expansion, so I waited until he came out with another book "Alice in Wonderland and The World Trade Center Disaster" to confirm that the atrocities of September 11th really were the Hidden Hand, the work of these thirteen families, the Illuminati (or whatever you want to call them) in some form or other.

I believed David Icke because of the depth of research in the book--bloke's quite thorough--and everything I read from him felt right, especially with regards to his discussion of consciousness. He usually ended every book with emphasizing the importance of Unconditional Love--having it for eveyone, even for those who manipulate the people's minds with evil intent. That's how I knew the book was complete. Love for all, even evil ones, completes knowledge.

I don't remember where I was going with this, but I hope it has been an enjoyable read.

Make A Friend of Boredom

It's hard being around those who constantly need stimulation, and have little patience. Trust me, I am/have been that person. 

Boredom is the denial of the deeper you. In many cases it is the refusal to dive deeper into yourself and fully accept the present moment. 

We do anything to fill up the void of our supposed boredom--food, sex, TV, Internet, a night on the town, etc. these things aren't inherently bad, but they are frequently used as escapes from the silent present space that is erringly perceived as 'boredom'.

Boredom is silence. It's a way of knowing that you may need to slow down, breathe, and train yourself to fully appreciate this moment.

The entire Universe, which is within you, is made up of ecstatic creation, a bubbling cauldron of ecstasy. To be bored of it, is to not see the true reality of your experience.

But there's nothing wrong with being bored. In fact, the reason people run from boredom is because they believe something is wrong with it--it's uncomfortable, this dull stillness, and they want to be active, to vibrate, so they search quickly for something 'interesting' even if it's not really interesting; anything to avoid being bored.

The only 'wrong' thing you can do is to run away from boredom. Remember, all of Creation Is Ecstatic in Nature, and thus includes boredom. This means that, when it appears in your experience, give yourself five minutes to sit there and listen to it, to feel it, before you run off to the next thing. Practice making a friend of boredom, and, ironically, as a result of this practice, you'll find within yourself a greater capacity to enjoy life more.