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Monday, September 22, 2014

Exposing the Struggles of 'minorities' to Bring Awareness and Balance to Society

I don't give a damn about what 'race' you are. Race is a farce, a man-made creation to further manipulate and control sleeping humans. I talk about Black History because if you don't understand your History, you are ignorant to the things that make humanity stupid, and that make humanity GREAT.

We're not taught the real history of the world, which is, if you go back far enough, 'Black'.

The majority of the world is made up of brown to black skinned people (yes there are some that are literally black-skinned); a small minority has pale skin.

This is not to claim superiority AT ALL. It's just a fact.

I don't give a damn about gender. Gender is another silly game to get humans fighting while the controllers keep herding you into the slaughterhouse. I support certain forms of feminism, because, it's important to have that awareness of the feminine energy.

Even though I support the apocalypse of true Black History and Feminist thought, they are not the end of the road. Why? Because the world is not supposed to fellate Blacks and Women just because their blacks and women, only to have true Heart Awareness and respect for these two groups.

The reason for the last paragraph is because I think both groups can take their 'movements' out of proportion sometimes. There is a danger in that kind of thinking, a subtle tyranny that begins to play out, where both of these groups, in not healing themselves, fail to see the entire picture that it is not only their groups that are being disrespected an abused, IT IS EVERYONE. They don't see that ALL PEOPLE ARE ONE, and their wounds distort true vision, leading them to read into many situations with too much 'movement'-type fervor. Their wounds also create a mental bulwark which blocks integrating information from coming into their energy field--this, is created from fear and dualistic thinking.

I apocalyze Black History and Feminist Thought because the intention is to share information TO CREATE BALANCE. They say this era we are shifting into is a return of the feminine. It is not; we've already lived through that era.  This coming era is the BALANCE and FULL INTEGRATED MANIFESTATION OF BOTH MASCULINE AND FEMININE ENERGIES TO CREATE HARMONY AND PEACEFUL RELATIONS.

Balance must be created in all areas. Just because Blacks have been persecuted doesn't mean that they can complain all the time. Just because Women have been persecuted doesn't mean that a man can't speak up and  propose something that might help the Woman integrate knowledge. This is why these movements of Afrocentrism (for lack of better terms) and Feminism should see themselves as groups of HUMANS creating AWARENESS to in turn create global human societal BALANCE. We are humans first in this physical playground--we shouldn't denounce, demonize, or marginalize one another because of our physical or intellectual differences. Just keep BALANCE.

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