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Thursday, September 4, 2014

HOW TO START A RAW VEGAN LYFESTILE - A guide on a journey to higher awareness

Here is an excerpt from my new e-book, HOW TO START A RAW VEGAN LYFESTILE, soon to be released for FREE online.

If you want to make a change in your life, you have to really want it. No one can want or do the work for you.

This is intimidating to many people; understandable if you’re looking at transition as this giant mountain of achievement--but it’s liberating when you are able to visualize the result you truly want.

More energy? Better Health? Moral reasoning? Greater enjoyment of life? These are some reasons that people have to change over to a raw vegan lyfestile.

When people hear that I am Raw Vegan, they look at me amazed. “Wow, good for you” they say, as their tonality betrays that they don’t think they could ever do what I am doing. They’re right--they can’t do exactly what I’m doing, but they can become a Raw Vegan, and find their own expression of it, once they master the stile.

Many people are afraid of the Raw Vegan Lyfestile, claiming that it is a denial of the necessary nutrients the body needs to survive. However, the contrary is true; if you know how to live the lyfestile, you actually get exponentially MORE benefit from the foods you eat than in a primarily meat of cooked/processed food diet (No disrespect to those who eat those kinds of diets, by the way).

You see, when food is cooked and processed, it actually drains the food of its nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and enzymes. This makes food harder to digest, and in many ways can make it a slow poisoner of the body, leading to eventual cancer and even death.

Though cancer and death is not always the case, lower energy levels certainly are. Cooked and processed food does not actually give much energy to the body--it leeches energy from the body. With all the healthy stuff cooked or processed out of the original food (if it’s really food at all, much of it is synthetic), it gives very little good stuff for the body to break down and use for its cellular and tissue properties.

The body uses energy to digest food. If the food you put in has less energy than it takes your body to digest it, you have lost energy. It’s just like corporations, always talking about their profits and their losses. Your body is a corporation. In fact, the word ‘corporation’ is derived from the Latin word ‘corpus’ meaning ‘body’.

When you eat food that has more energy than the body uses to digest it, you have gained energy. I want to draw your attention to something:

When people eat, most are not aware that what they eat literally becomes their physical makeup at the atomic and cellular level. What you eat is converted into energy the body can use to create more cells, to sustain your physical life. When you eat food with little nutrients, or poisonous food, you are essentially creating poisonous cells, and what is another name for a poisonous cell? A cancer cell.

This book details my experience in how I became a Raw Vegan Lyfestiler, and the insights I gained from the process. I was lucky--I got a lot of breaks and help, but even if you don’t have what I had, you can still do it! That’s what this book is for.


G.A.B.E. aka Kimya

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