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Monday, September 8, 2014

Knowledge Creates Equality (Know Your History)

The next time you think a black person that attempts to tell you just how black-influenced history truly is, is focused on separation and prejudice, first, carefully listen to their words. Second, you might want to double back on your own thoughts--you might prejudging where the person is coming from as opposed to truly listening and having compassion.

Most of us have been programmed to tune out or dismiss the black person who announces a version of history contrary to what you were taught in school. However, not all black people know what they're talking about, because black people are human beings, and most human beings don't really know what they're talking about much of the time. But don't let your programming get the best of you.

Other 'races' presented in western society are praised or left alone for knowing their history--but black people are told to 'get over it' or that they themselves are prejudiced and promoting fear and separation, but I say what Lucy said "Ignorance creates chaos, not knowledge". The 'get over it' and accusations of promoting separation and being a fear-monger are taken especially by the spiritual community without a sense of perspective or compassion for the plight of people who are taught that they are less valuable simply because they were born with brown/black skin. The truth of the matter is, much of the knowledge of true history will reveal more brown/black skin than we've been told, and this in turn, would give humanity a chance to have real perspective about itself, and the path to true equality might be more likely.

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