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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Make A Friend of Boredom

It's hard being around those who constantly need stimulation, and have little patience. Trust me, I am/have been that person. 

Boredom is the denial of the deeper you. In many cases it is the refusal to dive deeper into yourself and fully accept the present moment. 

We do anything to fill up the void of our supposed boredom--food, sex, TV, Internet, a night on the town, etc. these things aren't inherently bad, but they are frequently used as escapes from the silent present space that is erringly perceived as 'boredom'.

Boredom is silence. It's a way of knowing that you may need to slow down, breathe, and train yourself to fully appreciate this moment.

The entire Universe, which is within you, is made up of ecstatic creation, a bubbling cauldron of ecstasy. To be bored of it, is to not see the true reality of your experience.

But there's nothing wrong with being bored. In fact, the reason people run from boredom is because they believe something is wrong with it--it's uncomfortable, this dull stillness, and they want to be active, to vibrate, so they search quickly for something 'interesting' even if it's not really interesting; anything to avoid being bored.

The only 'wrong' thing you can do is to run away from boredom. Remember, all of Creation Is Ecstatic in Nature, and thus includes boredom. This means that, when it appears in your experience, give yourself five minutes to sit there and listen to it, to feel it, before you run off to the next thing. Practice making a friend of boredom, and, ironically, as a result of this practice, you'll find within yourself a greater capacity to enjoy life more.

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