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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Grow With Me

I grow exponentially fast--I'm not even the same person day to day. Those who grow with me usually are the ones who (want to) stick around. If you don't grow with me, then things were lovely while they lasted.

It's not that you have to fulfill my standards, per se, but being a sensitive person, I can't afford to be around a person who won't grow because of an outmoded idea of themselves which they wish to cling to. When a person won't grow with you, they begin to unnecessarily request energy from you that drains you and temporarily allows them to feel satisfied without doing the inner work. These people will continue to request your presence until you put your foot down and say, "No." It is tough, but necessary in order for you to be truly happy. 

Your enlightenment, your freedom from the Matrix, is more important than a relationship that may drain you of life force.

G.A.B.E. aka Kimya

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