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Monday, October 24, 2011

Lemme Share a poem I wrote, note for note...

I have no belief system system labeled "Belief System"
I come with no knowledge of my identity
I just came
Aching to be loved
But sometimes afraid I may take more
Than I need.

I people watch
Like a seeking hawk
Screeching calls
Upon the subtle psychic currents

Watching the lives on the surafce of the planet
Rise like vapor
And fall like raindrops.

I know I am the Ancient One;
My bones are antiquated.
But my marrow is soaked
With the blood of a new body--
Hence the illusion of my youth.

I forget I am a participant;
For I used to watch beings
As ubiquitous invisibility
My Angel Wings spanning
The breadth of a formless
Universe while on Earth
Dark Cabals demand my breath
Only fill the tops of my lungs
So I never feel my depth
And yet
Think I am only worthy of the lowest rung--

I know who I am,
I know what I'm doing.

My human life appears to be full of fuck-ups,
But trust--
I'm creating a masterpiece here!

That is why
When we link eyes
We will start no conversation;
There is nothing to be said.

It is the silence that erupts
From my being and conducts
My vocal cords to move

So I choose
The green light of all intersections
The glue of all dissections
I do not think of life
In com part men tal ized

I have no wisdom collection
I threw it all in a landfill
And lit aflame the selection

But still
I am in a foreign land
Swimming in the tides of human minds
Who have things to define them.

I am alone
Melting in the spotlight
Of anonymity.

In the security of my abode
I am secure in my disinterest
Of deciphering codes

But how can I receive the touch of another
The pwer of connection
If no one has the ears
To hear my silence?

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