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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Excelsior Joymagic 3

I have been in hiding. Hiding within the womb of transformation. I, through my human consciousness, had recently had allied myself with particular beings that I felt would help me to do what I thought I could not--propagate the Lokah Samasthah Sukino Bhavantu across with world using my gifts.

However, according to my human self, these relationships had inherent weaknesses within them specifically pertaining to the fact that I needed more self-knowledge. The relationships were not able to produce the results I had planned, and even though one hears in the human world that relationship seldom go as you plan them, there is a stubborn and resilient streak in my human consciousness that refuses to accept that alone. There must be more to the equation of relationships.

Why does this query present itself? Because my human self is not satisfied with the current relationships that he has. They seem to be devoid of the kind of life that activates him, the kind of life force that raises him into a vibration of aligning with me--or at this point, his Extraterrestrial and Celestial selves. He and I have both realized that connection to these selves, in addition to his own sexual nature, is what sets him ablaze with life--to breathe fully, to sex fully, to love fully. The co-existence of celestial and grounded nectar natures is vibration to 'step into'. However, my human self hides a lot of his light, due to fear of exposure. For him, it is hard to be 'naked'. His belief is that people take advantage of him, and molest the light. Luckily he has been in contact with the channeled being many of you may know as Bashar, which is loosening his belief systems and diving deep within himself to understand his limitless nature, to understand what the limiting beliefs are, and to change them to beliefs that are, what his Higher Selves call, "The Perpetuation Equation of Expansion and Freedom". This analysis of beliefs, and the rewiring of his brain and DNA, have required much time in solitude for my alternate self. He has abruptly ceased speaking to many people, eager to hold the vibration of working on himself and not succumbing to mass consensus with regard to "what he thinks he should be doing."

Sometimes he feels guilt for cutting off communication so abruptly, but he is learning that all that really matters is the ability to do what one feels is right for oneself, and to follow the highest excitement (as detailed by Bashar). This is the great test for him. The indicator that he is doing the right thing for himself is his own self reflection on the fact that he was too dependent on his newfound relationships manifesting his greateset desires FOR HIM, instead of connecting to the God Energy within himself to manifest his greatest desires. His dream is to know himself so well that he only attracts relationships that activate his inner bliss even further. No over or co-dependence, pure God independence being shared amongst all beings. He always wants to be buzzing on his own juices, and to never acquiesce or compromise on this. He is determined to find every way he can, through the power of his own imagination, to create an experience of pure abundant happiness. Ultimately his dream is to get so good at creating these realities, that they perpetuate themselves. He one day wants to be tired of creating dreams, and to dissolve back into his true nature. "Imagination is more important than knowledge." --Albert Einstein

Excelsior Joymagic

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Continued Account of Excelsior Joymagic

I have incarnated into the body of what is called "African-American" for this lifetime, and I am a mage, a wizard. I have noticed, whilst I was tucked away in the hidden layers of my host's consciousness that what is termed 'pop culture' tends to depict magical beings as being descendants of those from the Caucausus Mountains, or 'white people'. I have also noticed that if there are any brown skinned people that are magical in pop-culture, they are depicted as an evil witch doctor, or a stereotypical wise yet profoundly naive "Native American". All these preconceptions need to be thrown out. Sure they are possibilities, but they need to be thrown out now because people are too attached to them. A mage is a Highly Learned Being of the subtle realms of manifestation--period. I have nothing against any 'race' as my consciousness has incarnated into many of them over tens of thousands of years. I was once part of a secret Celtic order in another body many hundreds of years ago, when the magical language we used was Latin, and this is one of the reasons I am called Excelsior. Excelsior reveals the intent of my life. It means, again, 'ever upward' not signifying physical movement toward the earth's atmosphere and beyond, but 'upward' in consciousness. "Expansion" refers to the quality of my 'ever upwardness". Each time I raise my consciousness I become many times expanded, by exponential bounds, with the ability to see like the owl spirit. "Serendipity" is my clan title. It shows respect, like 'sir' 'ma'am' and also has the intent of 'Mr.' or 'Mrs.' I have said these things before in the last entry but I feel they beg repeating, and specification. Joymagic is the Clan I belong to, the nature of how our magic works. We must cultivate great joy in ourselves, our village, and our natural environments in order that the forces of nature (in Old Kemet called the 'Neteru') will be pleased with us and gift us with power, making us manifestation catalysts. The Catalysis of manifestation is the essential point of magic. In addition, magic is the ability to reach outside of time and space and basically fold it on itself so manifestation happens more quickly. If I conjure a pen before me out of thin air, it took less 'time' to manifest it that if I had to go through 'space' to get a pen in the next room. The same would be the case if I had teleported the pen in the next room into my hand, as opposed to wasting energy creating a new one. It takes less time, but more skill. It takes more skill in the ability to feel the subtle realms, to manipulate them, and to have those realms echo in the physical realm. In past lives I have had years of practice with this, but this time around, I seem to have forgotten much. No matter. It can be learned again. And so I set out on a journey to guide my human-self to a self-chosen destiny. Neither I nor he are aware of what it is. However we both understand that riding the golden wave of joy that we have seen in the Lands of Subtle Dreams is the ticket to knowing, and, perhaps, that wave is also the destination. Yours in confidence, Excelsior Expansion Joymagic aka G.A.B.E.

Call Me Excelsior.

I am Serendipity Excelsior Expansion Joymagic, but call me Excelsior. I am a from the Joymagic Clan, and have been bestowed the title of Serendipity itself. The title would be akin to your 'Mister' or 'Missus', or even more specifically, like "Alexander 'The Great'". My common name is Excelsior, however, focused on going 'ever upward', and its quality is 'Expansion'. Everytime I refer to myself as 'Excelsior', magic happens of an expansive Joyful quality. The Joymagic clan began thousands of years ago, before mankind began to write. Everyone had better memories back then, because all we had to remember was to create within our Divine tendencies! The Joymagic Clan was, of course, one of many clans, and each clan was named for its particular Divine tendency. For example, my clan creates from a space of Joy and Magic, the force of the Universe that catalyzes manifestation. Other clans were Smilewater, Dancetree, Roostermonkey, EarthLaughter, to name a few. When humanity fell in consciousness, many of the clans disbanded, dissolved, reduced their numbers (by sending away those of less expansive consciousness) and went into hiding. Not all at once. The Joymagic clan was one of those that went into hiding. However, it was unclear whether we would survive the dark times. At one point there were only two beings that could truly be considered part of the clan, but due to our long life span (about 1000 years for the most advanced of us), we could stick around long enough to observe and recruit potentials. The thing is, because the world's consciousness had changed, fewer and fewer beings were being incarnated into the Clans. More and more were being born as what we today call 'humans'. So the search of each clan for potentials was not necessarily to induct new beings, though the Universe did have some surprises for us. I am one of these incarnated 'humans'. I have awakened into my true Divine purpose and heritage, and remember my Spiritual DNA linking to the Goddess of Joymagic. Yes, each clan has a deity, or a quality of consciousness, that we pray to, in order that we may continuously be infused with its power. However, to clarify for the humans, we have an understanding of worship and prayer that is beyond what your religions say it is. Aye, the religions are distortions of what came from our secret circles and mystery schools, but we are here to correct these distortions. The 'Excelsior' power within me was available to me, even in my human childhood, but it was too powerful for the world at that time. The humans that consummated to create my physical form had no inkling of subtle, spiritual things. Correction: my human mother had a stronger, more confident tie to the tides of Spirit and the subtle world than did my father. He worked his best to suppress Excelsior, though he did have moments in which his inner light would flash for a few seconds. And so the human counterpart of my consciousness had to be guided and trained to understand how to express me and let me out to play, which is all I ever wanted to do. Nope, no violent bloodbath of destiny for me, as most heroes' journey tend to undertake. My heroes' journey, along with my human consciousness, was one of peace and self-love. Now I am awake, I am present. My human consciousness still walks with me, but it understands where it properly fits. Most of you will call me by my human name, but I ask that you call me Excelsior. Everytime someone calls me that name, powerful, beautiful, positive, radiant, divine magic will happen for them, and for me. So remember this. I do not mind my human name at this point, but the name my Clan gave me is of a much higher vibration, and I want to invoke blessings for everyone in the world. There is a saying, or a mantra in Sanskrit, which I believe was around before the birth of the Clans, which goes like this: "Lokah Samasthah Sukino Bhavantu." This means, "May all beings be happy everywhere". This is, and has always been, my motivation, especially throughout this human life. May your eternal moment be filled with the Joymagic of blissful Foreverness, Excelsior Expansion Joymagic aka G.A.B.E.

The Sweet Truth About Cancer

I want to take a moment today and talk about cancer. Yes, cancer. I just read an article on what is considered one of its main causes (in general): Sugar. Yes, you heard me right, sugar. But let's get a little more specific, shall we? Cancer thrives on simple, yet processed sugars that come from--you guessed it--processed foods. Mm looks good doesn't it? Well things aren't always what they seem... I also came upon another website that has been popping its ads on teh side of my facebook page for weeks now, and that's "The 5 foods you should never eat" if you want to lose weight. The first 'food' they mention is in actuality not a food--it's processed orange juice! Whoa. If you can't drink orange juice what the heck can you drink? Well, the thing is, processed orange juice is robbed of a natural ingredient--fiber. The fiber curbs the influence of the sugar on the body, but without it, the body tends to simply store it as fat. Back to the cancer topic. The article I read stated that cancer cells actually create ATP (a short way of saying energy, usually needed for healthy) by fermenting sugar within mitochondria (the energy centers of the cell). Fermentation, according to wikipedia is 'a form of anaerobic digestion that generates adenosine triphosphate (ATP)'. Anaerobic means there is no oxygen present. Therefore cancer cannot thrive around oxygen, but it absolutely can survive by fermenting sugar. What my mind spontaneously did was to link the two websites: Cancer loving fermented sugar and the processed foods/orange juice bit. If people continue to consume processed foods, particularly those loaded with sugar, not only does the body store it as fat, but cancer cells can be nurtured here. Now, this isn't the be-all-end-all conclusion, but you can see what I'm getting at here. Though fat is a molecule, not a cell, certain kinds of fats called phospholipids actually make up the membrane of each cell, and if sugar is stored as fat, cancer cells have a nice stable environment in which to grow without interruption. Eww. This is what your favorite fruit snacks contribute to. Listen, I'm not a doctor or a health professional (YET), but I know how to connect the dots. People with a heavily processed diet may have fat pockets of cancer in their bodies that they're holding onto, and they can't get rid of the fat that is lovingly proctecting the cancer because they continue to consume processed sugar! Which, by the way, is in many processed foods, even those foods you wouldn't think have sugar. The general process of processed foods is that the foods are stripped of all their essential nutrients, possibly dyed and a preservative solution is sprayed or applied to the food, and then processed sugar or salt is added in order to make the food more palatable (because it tastes like crap at this point). Here is the website detailing the 5 foods you should never eat and the website discussing the sweet cause of cancer. Eat organic, non-processed, non-genetically modified food, and you're taking one step in the journey toward absolute physical health. BOOM, over 500 words, didn't know if I could do it this time. Excelsior Expansion Joymagic, G.A.B.E. P.S. Even organic foods can cause this stuff. Stay away from fruit snacks like gummy worms or bears, even if it says organic. It may have organic sugar, but it can still contribute to an un healthy carcinogenic body.


Here's is a video from Dr Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter, more commonly known as Reverend Ike. If you don't know who he is, but you know of Tony Robbins, The Secret, and The Law of Attraction, then you need to go further back in history. Reverend Ike was a revolutionary pastor in his rise to prominence in the 1960s and 70s, along with other pastors, such as Dr Johnnie Colemon. The reason was because the principles he taught went against nearly every dogmatic philosophy for 'traditional' Christian religion. Here is an excerpt from detailing the philosophy Reverend Ike taught: “Close your eyes and see green,” Reverend Ike would tell his 5,000 parishioners from a red-carpeted stage at the former Loew’s film palace on 175th Street in Washington Heights, the headquarters of his United Church Science of Living Institute. “Money up to your armpits, a roomful of money and there you are, just tossing around in it like a swimming pool.” His exhortation, as quoted by The New York Times in 1972, was a vivid sampling of Reverend Ike’s philosophy, which he variously called “Prosperity Now,” “positive self-image psychology” or just plain “Thinkonomics.” The philosophy held that St. Paul was wrong; that the root of all evil is not the love of money, but rather the lack of it. It was a message that challenged traditional Christian messages about finding salvation through love and the intercession of the divine. The way to prosper and be well, Reverend Ike preached, was to forget about pie in the sky by and by and to look instead within oneself for divine power. “This is the do-it-yourself church,” he proclaimed. “The only savior in this philosophy is God in you.” Very firmly established belief system, eh? You can read the entire article here. If you watch the video above, you hear Rev Ike talk about three levels of money: First is the physical level, next is the energetic level, and still next is the Spiritual level. He says that it is the Spiritual level where Money Consciousness is mastered. THe physical level is the level we primarily experience everyday. The energetic (or 'psychic' as he likes to call it) level of money is where, Ike says, money exists as a energetic entity--it is alive, it has feelings, so be careful how you talk about it. The spiritual level is the realization of our oneness with money. If you follow the Law of Attraction philosophy, you have some handle on this. I'll let you watch the rest of the video for even deeper messages. Though he left his physical body in 2009, the potency of Reverend Ike's message continues to touch millions of people around the world. Remember, Ike helped to pioneer the reintroduction of all this Law of Attraction stuff you know today. So in light of all that, please say with me: I AM MONEY CONSCIOUSNESS. WHATEVER I WANT HAS ALREADY COME TO PASS. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

The Facts about Censoring Yourself

When you censor your truth based upon what you think others might think, it's really what you're thinking. Sure, deep down you may not have a problem with what you want to say, the shape of your body, or your creativity, but once you are around others, you make their possible thoughts about your expression dominate you. Two things I have to say to that--number one, it's pure fantasy, and--number two, it's none of your business! The thoughts that you project onto others' thoughts of you is your own fantasy. You can't possibly know for sure what others think of you. Sure you may see facial and bodily cues that could betray their inner state, but that leads me to the second point--it's none of your business what they're thinking about you! You live in your own body, moving your own hands, making your own yawns, dancing with your own feet. Who gives a fuck how the person next to you is dancing?!? Those aren't your feet, pay attention to your own! The spiritual process of growth in a human experience is not for the faint of heart. The goal is to live life completely on your own terms, with nothing to gain or lose from it. Life is not about coming out on top. Life is about sometimes being on top, sometimes being on the bottom, and not giving a damn about either one, only the love you have for yourself. What others think of you, positive or negative, is irrelevant. Sure, you may want to surround yourself with people who generally think positively of you, but you don't want to base your life around that. Connect with your source, feel good about yourself, then you'll see the Universe deliver human reflections of yourself that love you too, regardless of their individual, superficial thoughts. No one is judging you but you. No one is loving you but you, so take the reins of life, and live it freely, on your own terms, with nothing to gain or lose. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.


Y'know, I have a real issue with the way the term "Make-believe" is used. It's a way to downplay possibility. I was the movie "The Celestine Prophecy" with a few friends, and I could tell that one of them wasn't really digging the material. For those that don't know, 'The Celestine Prophecy" is a fictional account of a main character's expansion of consciousness in order to see the world in a celestial way. This is done through nine insights about the current state of the world and how to not only ameliorate it, but to turn it into a paradise. If I was correct in my assessment about my friend, then I understood his skepticism. That was me, in a way, three years ago--skeptical of possibilities of expansion, joy and magic happening in my life. Another friend said later as we were watching, "This is make-believe," to which I blurted, "That's right. We make what we believe." I felt a little hurt at the mild skepticism and patronization I was perceiving, but the most important thing was that I enjoyed the film (after seeing it like 30 times), and I gained new insight into myself. "We make what we believe." I couldn't believe I had said that, but it was/is so true. Whatever we perceive is what we create, and what we create is what we believe. This may be hard for some to gather, but life is a series of perceptions, or one big wave of perception. The human eye can only see 0.005% of the entire spectrum of the universe--and even of that infinitesimal percentage, we choose to see even less than that! Our entire reality is a perception of the Universe, a perception of what we believe about ourselves. "We make what we believe about ourselves." This is important because what each individual human being believes about her/himself on a subconscious level is what gives rise to the world that we share. Think about it. If you believe you can do something, even if you don't have the strength, tools, or now how in this very moment, don't you fight like hell to realize your ability in that thing? If you don't believe you can do something, you don't even attempt it, or you may attempt it, fail, and become discouraged easily. Sometimes we believe we can do something, but we believe we'll never get the chance to do it, which can lead to a lifetime of self-stifling, and for those that don't know themselves to be the creators of their reality, they blame their lack or dream realization on the outside world that they themselves have created. What really needs to happen is a deep uprooting of outdated, un-useful beliefs. If you want to do what you've never done, you've got to be who you've never been--you've got to believe what you've never believed, and don't give up. Old b.s. beliefs have to be replaced with beliefs you prefer, so your experience follows suit. Have you ever seen kids playing? Of course you have. When they play make believe, have you ever noticed that they simply declare what role they are going to play in the game with others? Rarely do you see a child think about what they want to be; they just 'be' it! "I'm going to be the captain!" "I'm the monkey!" "I have super magical powers!" You've got to be like that. The difference between how kids play at the playground, and how you play in the game of life, is that you can't leave life like they can leave the sandbox. You have the ability to hold on to a dream, to uproot the beliefs keeping you from that dream, and to replace those beliefs with more suitable ones to realize your dream. "Make-believe". Really listen to those words next time you hear someone say them, and remember what we've discussed here: "We make what we believe." Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

Why Do I Feel Stupid In Front Of Some People?

Apologies, folks--it's been a few days since I've written an entry, I haven't had access to a computer, and I haven't had anything fully developed in my mind to talk about. In other words: So, I found an article from the 'Be Spiritual and Rich' website, which tells how not to feel stupid in front of more knowledgable people: Recently, someone said to me that he feels really stupid in front of some people he knows. I thought it was a curious thing to say, since I find this friend pretty intelligent and most of the time he seems confident enough. Then he continued and said that he... More at Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

Say yes to life

Have you ever seen the 2008 Jim Carrey movie "Yes Man"? I love it. A man learns how to let life in and enjoy it much more. This philosophy of 'yes' is actually the basis of the Tantric philosophy, and while 'Yes Man' is a more simplistic form of 'saying yes', it still gets the point across for mainstream audiences. We must still, however, go deeper into the "Yes philosophy" and detail a crucial element to it. Below is a series of videos from Dakini Shima and Rahasya of the Advait Tantra School In Austrailia, detailing just what Tantra actually is and how it affects one's life. Contrary to popular western belief, it is not limited to the physical act of sex. Physical sex is but a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of what Tantra is all about. Tantra is the ability to accept what is happening in the moment, and to respond organically, naturally, spontaneously based upon that acceptance. Many of us act from the mind, creating ideas that are not happening NOW, taking us out of the moment, out of sync with existence. Whenever we are out of sync with existence, it creates suffering. If you watch video 3, it talks about how denial of experience actually creates 'armor' in the same moment. What we deny we are actually sheltering ourselves from. I created a video a few days ago on how to Offer Balance to Life--- It's important to honor and respect our own life force, for it is merely part of the flood of life that is the Universe. When we respect that life, more life, more vitality can be experienced. We can walk around with our head held high, we can be kinder to others, we can be content with ourselves. The experience of your own vitality is amazing! Don't deny any part of life, for it is all you. The more life you embrace, the more alive you will be. Say yes to life, good or bad and MAKE YOURSELF A LIVING REALITY. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.


Here's a video from one of my mentors, Tony Robbins. If you know who he is, then you know that for the last 30 plus years, he has been coaching, training, seminars and workshops for a vast spectrum of people, from joe-schmos to presidents. From celebrities to masters in finance. Despite all his achievements, Tony Robbins says that he's not a motivator; he believes that people are naturally motivated. The real reason people don't grow is because they haven't found their 'why'. We all have things that we want in our lives to attain a feeling of fulfillment. Without a reason for why you want to reach this fulfillment, you are a car full of gas with no determined destination. Meaning is what shapes life, this is what Tony Robbins says. Why creates meaning and molds life in a way that is conducive to your fulfillment and happiness. If your stuck in life, it's time to do some internal digging. Find out what you are passionate about, what makes you come alive, what fires you up. Then find your why. Armed with these two things, you can't be stopped. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

An "Awakened One"?

Someone responded to my video series About Scientsts proving DNA can be changed--my blog post yesterday. This is what the person said: "It's nice to see someone else knows this...can you imagine what I go through day to day as an awakened one? A Lightworker now?" This statement troubled me immediately upon reading it, because, while I sympathized with this person's sense of isolation, I had to reply with this: "I feel you, homie. I would minimize putting yourself in an exalted position (calling yourself an "Awakened One") just because you have access to information that others do not. There is always more to learn. Besides, more people know what you know than you are perceiving. Center in your power and attract like. Apparently you are already doing this because this video came up in your awareness, so you're on the right track! Keep expanding into new possibilities and Loving everything!" Many of us 'New Age Hippies' can feel isolated and lonely because we feel we are the only ones with access to certain kinds of information, and it may verily be true in our experience. However, many us cover up the pain and suffering of perceived 'loneliness' by exalting our egos to a higher plane than others--it's the only way many of us know to make sense of our pain, but the fact is that it's just psychological pain we are experiencing based upon a mis-thought. We categorized ourselves out of the illusion of fear and separation, when we are limitless beings. Yes, the experience of isolation can hurt. I know very well what that feels like. I always felt different growing up. No on seemed to understand me, and many people in my life even dismissed or ridiculed me. This caused great pain. As I silently suffered within, I began to create a character that was exalted above everyone else. This made sense of my pain (at least for the time being), but it also reinforced my pain. It didn't make the pain go away, the new character merely crystallized the suffering in my heart. And so this new character dominated my life. I didn't call myself an "Awakened One", but I surely believed I knew more than everybody else. More and more I began to feel cut off, separate, and my pain turned into anger. Anger destroys the body, and corrupts the waters of consciousness. While the 'soul' never can be corrupted, it surely seems to die in one's own awareness. My passions disappeared. My lust for life diminished. My trust in myself and others withered, until one day, I found myself completely alone--I, by my own Divine power, had created a living hell of isolation for myself. I had succeeded in reinforcing an experience that didn't give me pleasure at all! A thirsty man in a desert of his own making. Heh heh, I thought this was cute. Of course, I didn't realize this. But a voice within kept leading me, slowly slowly slowly in the right direction to integrating my inner and outer lives--it started when I realized, in a visceral way, that I am human, I make mistakes, I am far from perfect, and it's OK. I felt lonely, and it was OK. I felt anger, and it was OK. I felt lust, rage, panic, apprehension, indolence, indifference, and they were all O-K. That meant if I could accept those things within myself, I could have compassion for those on the 'outside' when they expressed these very same emotions and states. Being an 'Awakened One' or a 'lightworker' means that you see the game for what it is in your own Being. My thought would be that if you are truly awakened, you would never need to declare it--you would simply be awake. In the awakened state you are free from fear, free from lies. Therefore you are free from loneliness--you are never 'alone'. Alone implies separation, that you can be separated from existence, but that can never be. You are never ALONE, for there is no one else. You are 'ALL-ONE'. Everything that you need is 'within' you, so go there, and you can transcend the illusion of alone/not aloneness. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

Scientists prove DNA can be CHANGED!!!

This is actually part 2 of a four part video series. To see part 1 please visit Sorry, my link function isn't working, good ol' copy and paste'll have to do. OH, AND TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME. I'M SUPER LOUD and didn't realize until I finished all the vids. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.


I was going to write, but was a bit lazy today so I decided to do a video. Enjoy! Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

How I relate to Hans Zimmer

What a quiet, humble man, for such valiant and epic scores. Hans Zimmer has to be the the most in-demand film composer in the game right now. Ever since the 'Dark Knight' series, Hans Zimmer has been on the public radar as a man of sonic interest. But there is more to this man than his rich, lionhearted music. Behind the the brass and strings, there is a soft heart, a man who is unsure of himself. "I don't even know if what I'm doing is good enough (for the Man of Steel project)" Zimmer says in the interview above. He goes on to say that sometimes Zimmer is so unconfident in his work that he doesn't want anyone to hear it. Quoting Christophen Nolan for the Dark Knight series, he says "'If I don't get down there (Zimmer's cave) to meet him now, I'll never hear a note!'" to which Zimmer confirms "It's true." When it came to the Man of Steel soundtrack, he frankly states that he didn't even want to work on it--not because he wasn't interested in the project, but because he felt 'Superman is an American icon, so an American should score it', but I digress. The one statement that Zimmer made that pulled my attention totally to the interview was this: "I'm very comfortable talking to you now because I'm hiding behind a secondary language (speech). When I play you something, that's really me--I'm completely fragile and vulnerable." Whoa. RESONATE. Music isn't just something I get up and perform for people--it's a fragile, intimate process. I'm giving you myself when I sing, and that is not easy. It's like being... Sure, being naked is the real state of any person, but because of our programming in society, nudity is something we cover up. There are so many people who just want me to 'do music' but they don't understand the process I need to go through to find it, to create it, to express it. It isn't just getting on stage and 'being hot' or 'wow-ing the crowd'. Finding, creating, and expressing music really is staring yourself in the face, Feeling your own being, watching you Being completely naked in front of God and the world. It's beautiful, but terrifying. Again, if you can't understand how that feels, then wake up in the morning, take off all your clothes and just go outside. Then feel that everyone is watching you, not in jest, not recoiling from you, but, even despite your own shame and shyness, they see your light as the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. They want to touch you, to smell you, to love you, to feel you. But being vulnerable is no easy task for anyone, especially in front of an audience. So, just keep in mind that, with composers, musicians, artists--basically anyone with the power to entertain you, that for many of us, our material comes from a deep place, and it's not just something that you pull out and call it magic. It's a process of deep sex with your own self. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

Special Stingray Superpower

LADIES, don't tell me you don't wish you could have this superpower sometimes: Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

Soy Lecithin: How It Negatively Affects Your Health And Why You Need To Avoid It

What up y'all. I have been soy-free for about two years now (with some accidental exceptions) and I stayed away from it because each time I consumed a product with soy in it, the estrogen produced in my body went way up. I felt less vital, less productive, and--let's face it--less manly. I'd also heard that most soy is Genetically modified, and sprayed with pesticides, so I made an aggressive move to never eat it again. Little did I know, however, that there were far worse attributes to soy lecithin (and other forms of soy) The following article is from Soy Lecithin has been lingering around our food supply for over a century. It is an ingredient in literally hundreds of processed foods, and also sold as an over the counter health food supplement. Scientists claim it benefits our cardiovascular health, metabolism, memory, cognitive function, liver function, and even physical and athletic perfomance. However, most people don't realize what soy lecithin actually is, and why the dangers... More at Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

5 Facts about the Female ORGASM! Mm...

"...From ancient Greece to Freud's time, doctors stimulated orgasms in women via "medical massage" to treat the catchall female ailment known as hysteria. In the late 1800s, the vibrator was designed for the same purpose. Read more:" Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

MIT gives courses for free?

Guys, I admire genius. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology pumps out brilliant minds every year, and if it weren't for his movie stardom, Will Smith would have been one of its graduates. But that's not the biggest news. MIT publishes virtually all of its course materials FOR FREE. Yes, FOR FREE. Get access to the materials that produce the minds that create the technologies of tomorrow.... RIGHT.... HERE.... This is an amazing opportunity. Sharpen your mind with these courses. Become the world's next technological innovator... Ok, he was a theoretical physicist, but many of his theories became physical, technological realities. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

7 traits of magical people

By Carolyn Elliott. 1. You know you’re magic. This is the big one. In their heart of hearts, everyone is magic. But most folks just don’t know it. It’s very sad, and it’s not their fault. They’ve had the awareness beaten out of them one way or another. Our society in general is very anti-magic. Magic people always have a mission. And part of that mission is to... Read more at Excelsior, G.A.B.E.