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Thursday, August 22, 2013

How I relate to Hans Zimmer

What a quiet, humble man, for such valiant and epic scores. Hans Zimmer has to be the the most in-demand film composer in the game right now. Ever since the 'Dark Knight' series, Hans Zimmer has been on the public radar as a man of sonic interest. But there is more to this man than his rich, lionhearted music. Behind the the brass and strings, there is a soft heart, a man who is unsure of himself. "I don't even know if what I'm doing is good enough (for the Man of Steel project)" Zimmer says in the interview above. He goes on to say that sometimes Zimmer is so unconfident in his work that he doesn't want anyone to hear it. Quoting Christophen Nolan for the Dark Knight series, he says "'If I don't get down there (Zimmer's cave) to meet him now, I'll never hear a note!'" to which Zimmer confirms "It's true." When it came to the Man of Steel soundtrack, he frankly states that he didn't even want to work on it--not because he wasn't interested in the project, but because he felt 'Superman is an American icon, so an American should score it', but I digress. The one statement that Zimmer made that pulled my attention totally to the interview was this: "I'm very comfortable talking to you now because I'm hiding behind a secondary language (speech). When I play you something, that's really me--I'm completely fragile and vulnerable." Whoa. RESONATE. Music isn't just something I get up and perform for people--it's a fragile, intimate process. I'm giving you myself when I sing, and that is not easy. It's like being... Sure, being naked is the real state of any person, but because of our programming in society, nudity is something we cover up. There are so many people who just want me to 'do music' but they don't understand the process I need to go through to find it, to create it, to express it. It isn't just getting on stage and 'being hot' or 'wow-ing the crowd'. Finding, creating, and expressing music really is staring yourself in the face, Feeling your own being, watching you Being completely naked in front of God and the world. It's beautiful, but terrifying. Again, if you can't understand how that feels, then wake up in the morning, take off all your clothes and just go outside. Then feel that everyone is watching you, not in jest, not recoiling from you, but, even despite your own shame and shyness, they see your light as the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. They want to touch you, to smell you, to love you, to feel you. But being vulnerable is no easy task for anyone, especially in front of an audience. So, just keep in mind that, with composers, musicians, artists--basically anyone with the power to entertain you, that for many of us, our material comes from a deep place, and it's not just something that you pull out and call it magic. It's a process of deep sex with your own self. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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