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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wisdoms from Acting

I am an artist. I study mostly the forms of music and film. On youtube there's a channel called 'The Hot Button' which is a collection of video interviews with directors, DP's, cinematographers, actors, etc. I also watch a lot of 'Inside the Actor's Studio' which has the same premise. Acting is such an amazing profession because the only too is your body, and your ability to access truth in your emotions even though the story surrounding them is false. There are a few key things that I've heard actors say in almost every interview: 1) Learn how to listen 2) If I'm afraid to do it, I do it Now, I'm a student of life, so when I hear wisdom, I'm on it like a tiger on a gazelle. Let's start off with number 1: Acting is an art of listening, I hear many actors say. It's an art of response, of waiting. Because every nuance must communicate emotional truth, the actor must be in tune with her/his surroundings in order to respond truthfully. Listening also involves being patient and vulnerable. It requires that one not be in control for a moment, to wait and see what the universe is going to deliver to you, and being open to whatever comes. Let's move on to number 2: Boldly facing new challenges is the only thing that helps us to grow. Actors/artists tend to think of their lives as a giant experimentation, moving from project to project, expression to expression, learning new things, and facing new difficulties within their craft. If they keep doing what they know, actors get bored, stop growing, and stop having passion for their craft. Actors know that it is the vigor for life and the craft that counts, not comfortability. Now the very interesting thing about these two recurring wisdoms is that they  apply to real life too. That's what I also love about acting--it's so close to our world of life and death. When the craft I love has practical application to my 'real life', then the craft itself is whole. It is not compartmentalized--but I digress. I would say very few people know how to listen, and I think that might be right. I think that people are afraid to listen, because, again, it involves being vulnerable, something we're taught will kill us. We humans many times don't really 'see' each other either--I'm talking Avatar 'see'. So many of us are wrapped up in our own lives that we fail to see how we affect others, and how they affect us. We just see what we need to do to keep the system going. No real contact with others, fuck that, lemme just get to my job and pay my bills. Being self-absorbed also leads to lack of taking on new challenges, things that really stretch you as a human being. A friend said in a convo the other day 'fall in love with the challenge'. I didn't like it at first, because, I'll admit. I like to be comfortable. However I like healthily challenging myself to become the most powerful spiritual being I can be, and I challenge myself more and more each day. I would say these are two biggies to learn in life if you want to be a successful human being. Notice I didn't say 'successful person'. When I say successful human being, I mean someone who is experiencing his own success at being human. Apply the two wisdoms presented above, and you will see yourself transform into a spiritual player on the world stage (I Love Acting!!!!! :) <3). Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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