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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tuning into your Divine Destiny

This is my friend Schuy. He's an established boxer, physical trainer, and father of three. A few nights ago we were talking about our purpose and goals--rather, I was talking about mine. We've been throwing around the idea of collaborating our efforts to create an amazing legacy, however, I already knew he wasn't clear on his purpose. Even though he had had a pretty successful boxing career in the past, caring for three daughters can be a lot, so it's understandable that one might forget to remember their spiritual purpose in this world. Ultimately, I told him, with love: "I'd love for us to work together, but you have to GET CLEAR ON YOUR PURPOSE. I don't believe in either one of us wasting our time working on something big if that's not what you really want in your heart." "I have to get clear, I need to get clear" he said. "Declare that you ARE clear," I quickly replied. For anyone familiar with the law of attraction you know what I'm talking about. "I have to feel it before I can declare it," he excused. "No, you've got it backwards. You've got to declare it before you can feel it. Whatever you need, declare that you already have it, then just let go remain relaxed and alert, and be open to how connecting with your purpose manifests." About 20 minutes later, Schuy started telling a compelling, heart-centered story of how he met his trainer, and the drive to be the best in his boxing career. There is some language in this video, but get the spirit of what is happening here: You see how empowered he looks, sounds and feels? If you pay attention, as Schuy reminisces, his feelings become very powerful, strong, and sure, while still connected with his heart. I swear I was about to cry when I heard the story. Schuy was connecting with something about his life experience that enlivens him, that gives him something to live for, that truly drives him, and it wasn't created or brought about by some other being--HE DECLARED TO RECONNECT WITH HIS PURPOSE! Now while that may or may not have been a full blown eureka for him (I don't know for sure in his own experience), feelings are the guideposts to realizing our dreams when we declare, through the power of the God-Force within us, what we ARE EXPERIENCING (get it? good.) If you ever find yourself confused or stuck in life, and you WANT clarity, DECLARE clarity by the power of your heart, then sit back and watch how the Universe brings it into your experience. It happened for Schuy, and my personal declaration for him is that he will find absolute clarity to accomplish his purpose in life. However, one can't just declare once. It's like weightlifting, or exercising. You can't do it just for one day and magically get a hard bod. But if you continue to declare, and if you are willing to do what it takes to bring about manifestation in your soul, you are convincing yourself, and you are convincing the Universe, that you mean business. I DECLARE CLARITY, SUCCESS, PROSPERITY, MONEY, EXCELLENT HEALTH, EXCELLENT FRIENDS, FAMILY AND RELATIONSHIPS, GREAT SEX, AND MOST OF ALL, INNER PEACE. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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