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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Maktub, You're a Radio

Maktub. Disappearance of the Universe. Tune into your preferred reality. Yesterday were two of my friends' birthdays, Peter and Paul--they're twins. So I went over Paul's house yesterday to celebrate, be merry and play Super Smash Bros Wii, and I get into a convo with him and Peter, who now lives in Africa. The twins and I know each other as fellow musicians, and we have a deep mutual respect for each other. After about 10 minutes of blasting Man of Steel, we start talking about music and the music scene in our respective locations. All of a sudden Peter, on the phone, goes "Oh, you know what? I have a song I'd like you try something with. I wrote some rap lyrics." I say "Cool, let's hear it" but we don't get the chance to, as it is one A.M. over there and he doesn't want to wake  people up in the neighborhood with rambunctious rapping. (Wow, I sound like an old dude...rambunctious.) So I never got to hear the rap Peter wanted to present to Paul and me that day, but Paul had a copy of the lyrics in Google Docs and a rough memory of how to perform the lyrics. The song was called "You are a radio" and if I could borrow my friend Peter's words:

"This song began to come about New Years 2008/09 while my friend Jonathan and I discussed how nothing truly is new under the sun and that every song was written by tuning into it like a radio. A couple of years later I sat in meditation and attempted to apply this practically by tuning into this song so I could finish writing it. This is what I heard:"

What he means here is that whatever you want to create is already created, you just need to tune into it. It is the philosophy behind the Hebrew word "Amen" to end every prayer. The word literally means "It is done."

So many positive thinking campaigns and workshop emphasize the power of visualization--not just seeing what you want for your life, but feeling it as if it were happening now, for it is indeed happening right now.

Some people may have a difficult time understanding this because they're used to a life where they give their energy and power to what's already happening, and consider themselves the slave of their circumstances. But it is not the truth.

The truth is that you are an infinite being, with infinite power to shape your reality. And since you are infinite, you can create anything you desire. That's not to say that things will happen instantaneously (but they could), but with enough focus, consistency, self-love, discipline, and vision, you can experience any reality you want.

Ma man Dave Wood just released a video today called How to Harness your inner Bob Barker--this video is about making up your reality so that it is useful for you and others. I have finished watching it yet, so it may have nothing to do with my entry here, but it seems to have some relevance, so I posted it.

Have you ever read "The Alchemist"? Please tell me you have. If not, you know what I'm gonna say.... just kidding. Moving on...

There is a word that repeats in the Alchemist, Maktub. For "The Alchemist reading" virgins, this means "It is written" meaning that whatever is meant to be will be--it is written in destiny.

This has always confused me, the realities of Destiny and Creating your own reality. But when I had the conversation with Paul and Peter, something clicked, and it didn't click mainly in my intellect. It clicked in my soul:


Now many of us come into this world with abilities that God has given us--I believe each human on this planet has a God-Given gift, and we consider that to be our destiny. However, what we don't realize is we actually have the power to choose our destiny as well, based upon no circumstance. Infinity allows for all possibilities, so if you focus enough, what you focus on comes to pass. If you tune your Source power, the fuel that drives you that wakes you up in the morning, that carries you throughout the day, that sings you to sleep at night, you realize your creative power even more and take more responsibility for your experience.

Maybe I'm being too esoteric here, but this is ma kinda shit. Deal wiffit. LOL



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