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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mentors and Manifestos

The Hippie Jedi got me back on track. I haven't even listened to a half-hour of the conference call from last night (Thursday, 6-6-13), but it really got me back focused on stepping into the life I really want to live. Here are two key points he mentioned that got me excited: 1)create a 'manifesto' of affirmations for yourself and play them and repeat them incessantly, and 2) get the right mentors for yourself. I feel as if I've come full circle in my spiritual development, but in a new plane of existence. 8-9 months ago I spontaneously began to create a manifesto for myself, I incessantly said my affirmations over and over, and I listened to mentors everyday to get my mind right. Over time those particular affirmations and mentors faded away because, unbeknownst to me, my goals were becoming more specific; but I experienced this time of my life as "Well, what now?" I'd done the affirmations and surrounded myself with positive motivating mentors, but then I began to see the inherent limitation in their formulas--they didn't have a concrete system to making large sums of money. They were just getting people excited and walking away with their money. I wanted to be a part of a system that was a simple step-by-step process to making mega-cash, and if I applied myself appropriately, I would reap what I sowed. That's what Empower Network feels like. Everytime I listen to Dave, Dave, Justin, or D, it fills me up with the energy of excitement! They aren't just filling your head with spiritual principles--they're teaching you how and where to apply them. "Here's a system to apply this knowledge, now have at it" they seem to say from the subconscious. So, I have fulfilled the two things Justin brought to my awareness again: I have made him, Dave and Dave, and Dee, and whoever else is successful with Empower Network my mentors. I have also just created an Mp3 for myself that will multiply my income exponentially. BOOM. I especially love the mentor aspect, because I forget where I'm going A LOT. You need someone who's already been to the mountaintop to guide you, or put you back in line with what you say you really want. So, if you guys have something going on everyday to listen to, or watch, I make it a point to do so. I AM FREE OF FEAR. Ha ha, I actually think it's funny when I get to the low points where I think I can't do something, and then a successful person starts talking about how easy it is to be successful if you apply yourself, and a part of me gets really angry! That happened today when I first started listening to Justin! I had to laugh because I can feel that I've come to a new stage of living just because I made a decision to become different and to go after my dreams. It's really like building a house brick by brick, but in the psychic world. The 'house' of my dreams was still standing there, but unfinished. Still more to go. At least I've got the foundation, and that foundation has been my crossing the threshold into a better life. I will never go back, because this 'better life' feels better than a limited life. Even now I can feel the negativity saying "Oh yeah? We'll see if you don't come back" But I won't. I Love myself too much, and I have too much to enjoy to let that knock me down forever. Lord, thy will be done. Let my happiness be made simple and effortless. Ase, and Amen. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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