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Thursday, August 22, 2013

An "Awakened One"?

Someone responded to my video series About Scientsts proving DNA can be changed--my blog post yesterday. This is what the person said: "It's nice to see someone else knows this...can you imagine what I go through day to day as an awakened one? A Lightworker now?" This statement troubled me immediately upon reading it, because, while I sympathized with this person's sense of isolation, I had to reply with this: "I feel you, homie. I would minimize putting yourself in an exalted position (calling yourself an "Awakened One") just because you have access to information that others do not. There is always more to learn. Besides, more people know what you know than you are perceiving. Center in your power and attract like. Apparently you are already doing this because this video came up in your awareness, so you're on the right track! Keep expanding into new possibilities and Loving everything!" Many of us 'New Age Hippies' can feel isolated and lonely because we feel we are the only ones with access to certain kinds of information, and it may verily be true in our experience. However, many us cover up the pain and suffering of perceived 'loneliness' by exalting our egos to a higher plane than others--it's the only way many of us know to make sense of our pain, but the fact is that it's just psychological pain we are experiencing based upon a mis-thought. We categorized ourselves out of the illusion of fear and separation, when we are limitless beings. Yes, the experience of isolation can hurt. I know very well what that feels like. I always felt different growing up. No on seemed to understand me, and many people in my life even dismissed or ridiculed me. This caused great pain. As I silently suffered within, I began to create a character that was exalted above everyone else. This made sense of my pain (at least for the time being), but it also reinforced my pain. It didn't make the pain go away, the new character merely crystallized the suffering in my heart. And so this new character dominated my life. I didn't call myself an "Awakened One", but I surely believed I knew more than everybody else. More and more I began to feel cut off, separate, and my pain turned into anger. Anger destroys the body, and corrupts the waters of consciousness. While the 'soul' never can be corrupted, it surely seems to die in one's own awareness. My passions disappeared. My lust for life diminished. My trust in myself and others withered, until one day, I found myself completely alone--I, by my own Divine power, had created a living hell of isolation for myself. I had succeeded in reinforcing an experience that didn't give me pleasure at all! A thirsty man in a desert of his own making. Heh heh, I thought this was cute. Of course, I didn't realize this. But a voice within kept leading me, slowly slowly slowly in the right direction to integrating my inner and outer lives--it started when I realized, in a visceral way, that I am human, I make mistakes, I am far from perfect, and it's OK. I felt lonely, and it was OK. I felt anger, and it was OK. I felt lust, rage, panic, apprehension, indolence, indifference, and they were all O-K. That meant if I could accept those things within myself, I could have compassion for those on the 'outside' when they expressed these very same emotions and states. Being an 'Awakened One' or a 'lightworker' means that you see the game for what it is in your own Being. My thought would be that if you are truly awakened, you would never need to declare it--you would simply be awake. In the awakened state you are free from fear, free from lies. Therefore you are free from loneliness--you are never 'alone'. Alone implies separation, that you can be separated from existence, but that can never be. You are never ALONE, for there is no one else. You are 'ALL-ONE'. Everything that you need is 'within' you, so go there, and you can transcend the illusion of alone/not aloneness. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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