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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Artists are gods

Okay, I worship artists. I mean painters, And those who draw-- They're geniuses. I took an art class almost 15 years ago, And I showed some promise, But I am still intimidated by the visual world of the artist. It's ironic, because I am a highly visual person. WTF?!? Check out these pics to see why artists are like a 500 pound man on steroids ready to 'fight' me: Seriously? Artists so talented they can make pictures look like paintings, And paintings look like pictures?!? Hand-Drawn, b*tch. ~Sigh~ I bow at your feet. As intimidated as I've been of artists, I've always secretly wanted to be them-- To command the physical Universe with but a paintbrush/pen/pencil and easel. To go out into the world and see a dancing display of varying dynamics, intensity, contrast, and color. I thought it was all hopeless, until... I talked to my friend, Paul. I wish I could find some examples of his art to show you, but I cannot find him on facebook, Nor can I find his work on the internet. Must not be searching well enough. I saw him several weeks ago during the summer solstice celebration, and he had a station set up to sell his work. I was thoroughly impressed. I don't remember what I asked him, but I know that when I am interested in something, I ask the real questions. At first he gave a superficial answer, but I prodded a bit and he opened up, revealing this entire world of art. If I could draw it, it would look like Paul all of a sudden exploded/blossomed into color from black and white. The one thing I remember him saying was "You really don't know what anything looks like. You have to throw away you preconceived notions of the look of the world. See it as completely new--explore it, become a student of it, then you can begin to understand." Or something like that. I'm sure he would find it flattering if he knew I quoted him like that. Share this entry with him for me, will you? ... Paul's words gave me hope that I could become a visual artist, who could accurately depict the world as it is, not as I wanted it to be. My history with art is that there is always a distortion in my work, So I said "fuck it" and just went abstract. But my heart still couldn't 'see' the world--I was still blind. It must be amazing to open your eyes and really see all the edges, shapes, degrees, and colors. Mm, colors. Now, will I be able to pursue artistry at this very moment? Maybe, maybe not. I'm doing music, this blog, and creating a core for myself to thrive when I strike out into the world to teach others what I have learned in life through music, words, and healing modalities. But trust, Your boy Gabe's gonna get on some art, Master it, And I'mma be a m*********in' star, do not get it twisted. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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