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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Crave success like you wanna breathe...

Updated June 13, 2013 Listening to David Wood right now. He gave the well-known quote, "If you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you will have success." At first I began to question whether I wanted to make more money through Empower. I realized that my drive is a subtle one. I'm just such a person that needs to see practical results, it's hard to keep moving strongly ahead without seeing the fruits of your actions. I guess that's why Empower has these conferences so often. It's to keep you in the game, to stay inspired and motivated. How Bad Do You Want Success?rel=nofollow I've been watching this video from Eric Thomas the Hip-Hop Preacher, and he actually tells the story that inspired the famous quote. I'm about to leave this house that I'm sitting at on Thurs. I have no place to go. My friend is going out of town that day to another friend's wedding, so I'm thinking/hoping that I'm might be able to leave with him, just as a spontaneous decision. I want to be financially successful, and I see how little I know, so I'm remaining still, and listening to those with skills to help me. My drive is one in which I must practice both action and waiting in balance. I want 'success' so badly, that I must master the ebb and flow of life, and I must move into it with an overall calm. Success isn't something that is born to the great. It is actually a lucky strike of lightning. Why do I say this? Because succeeding only comes having from intense desire. It's the insatiable-madman-delusional will to expand your consciousness and realm of influence that creates results. I believe it is more an act of God to be hit with that intense desire to succeed than to have talent. Someone who is truly driven will get the talent, and the skill, whereas someone born with natural talent and no drive may get somewhere by luck, but they cannot sustain it without will and drive to learn something new each day about their craft. Will makes you get somewhere an hour early because you dream of hat day when you are a VIP so you can get to that same place late. Will makes you search under every rock, climb every tree, swim to the depths of the ocean, just to grab that pearl in your heart. Everything is within, but for some of us (a-HEM, me ::blush::) the physical experience of living our dreams is such an endorphin booster! My dream is the pearl of my heart, and my dream is to BE RICH. Will Smith, regardless of some rumors floating around about him, inspires me so much. He once said that he wants to represent an idea, and possibilities, and he does exactly that...Will Smith Words of Wisdomrel=nofollow I'd been searching for that thing that makes me want success in my dream for the past week. Before it seemed I unconsciously pursued it, without understanding the why. After much deliberation, the reason is being rich is the only way I can live comfortably. Being rich is the one big way I want to be able to help and inspire my family and friends. That's not to say that I don't have value if I don't have money, it just that money is the tool that makes it easier to express myself the way I want to in my life. I'VE GOTTA BE RICH, AS BADLY AS A GOTTA BREATHE EVERY SECOND OF MY LIFE. Still, the Masters of Prana and Chi say that we only have a limited number of breaths in each lifetime, so it's good to breathe deeply, slowly, and from the Soul into every cell of the body.--that way BEING RICH can last a very long time. Excelsior, G.A.B.E. P.S.  Don't forget to check out this link if you want to realize your dreams of success prosperity, freedom, and money RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW: REALIZE YOUR FREEDOM NOW

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