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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Different effects of Mercury Retrograde

Well, Mercury's in retrograde again. I notice with each retrograde it serves a different purpose, and has different effects on my awareness, but first, let me get into what a Mercury Retrograde actually is (for those who don't know, of course). The term 'retrograde' used in an astrological sense, refers to the direction the planets of the zodiac appear to be moving in the sky. Usually the planets are 'direct' meaning the overall direction they appear to move in from the perspective of where we stand on earth. So that's the surface level meaning. On a deeper level, retrogrades signify a period of reflection and charging up one's energy with knowledge from that reflection in order to move ahead smoothly once planets go direct again. Retrograde periods are very internal, not made for action, but for thought. In the birth chart a retrograde may signify an uncompleted spiritual lesson for a person, like having to repeat a class from the previous grade. Mercury is the planet of information and communication. Everyday thought, speech, writing, and tools used for daily communication are signified here. When Mercury goes retro, it can kind of switch up the way communication and information is shared or processed. That's why it is a period of reflection. If you try to make things happen that you weren't already in the process of creating, they may not last the retrograde period (each Merc Rx lasts about 3 weeks). Okay, enough of the intro... So there are a few different general effects I experience when I'm in a Mercury retrograde: One. It totally throws me the fuck off. "Universe! I was on a roll! Why are ya doing this to me? I was kicking ass and taking names! I was big ballin' shot callin'! ::huff::" That's generally my reaction there, aside from less energy, less kick-ass attitude, and more "Just three more minutes sleep" attitude. Two. It totally aligns me. "Man, things didn't make sense before, but now the Universe is my friend! Wow! Everything is perfectly aligned! I can go with the flow! I feel like water running down the side of a mountain!" Three. Nothing electronic works. "Really?!? I couldn swear my phone said 'message sent' but you didn't receive the text? Give me your phone. Oh shit, you really didn't get it--lemme look at my phone. Yeah, I sent it. FTW is goin on here? ... Oh yeah. ::mopes::" Four. Ideas I could communicate clearly I can't communicate for shit now. Best I keep quiet. Five. Those ideas that have been brimming in my subconscious for months, I can now articulate them. Six. I don't think there is a six. I think five is a nice number, since it is reuled by mercury in numerology. Bad six, bad! Naw, jus' playin' I love you. C'mere six, let's hug. Aw. That's nice. So those are some of the things I experience during a Mercury retrograde (or Merc Retch I call it when I have a 'type one' experience--scroll up to see number one again if you don't remember what that is). What do you experience during a mercury retrograde? Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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