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Monday, July 30, 2012


I find it awesome and intriguing that much of the greatest work humanity has created came forth by accident, serendipity, or as a innocent idea. You can't plan greatness! But you can prepare for it--you can facilitate its expression. Greatness is already the empty space of limitless energy; you must create a clear channel for it. That's what life's all about. We aren't trying to become great--we already are. We are merely flowing down life's river, grabbing bits of material from here and there to build the clearest channel possible. now, set up your structures--infinity's about to flow through.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Personal Experience I thought I'd share

Heath Ledger died because, as an actor, he let certain malevolent influences possess his physical body until it drove him mad. The 'overdosing' that many of the stars have is to suppress the influences that are beginning to take over. Why do I say this? Because Heath Ledger's performance in 'The Dark Knight' was one of those possessed performances. It left such a negative imprint on me, but the character was so interesting and charismatic, I had to imitate it. I started to find, that, as i had done so, that influence would start to creep into my field, creating depression and chaos. I feared this influence, until last night. I got an epiphany: This influence can only dish out what it itself is experiencing--this major suffering. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I had compassion for this influence. I felt like it was my baby. i wanted to cry for it, simultaneously not identifying with it. "I Love you," I said to it. The influence tried to block the Love by saying "I don't have a soul." I replied, "Everything has a soul, everything has consiousness," and myy Love beamed even more. "I Love you, Joker," (as funny as that sounds), and my heart emitted pure white light, engulfing, assimilating, and integrating the influence. I used to fear it, now I can't stop my uncontrollable Love from getting close to it. What a huge transformation! Love and Light and Peace and Blessings, GG

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mercury Retrograde (Poem)

Every retrograde my lips wade backward Turning phrases like shirts inside out Pouring syllabic rivers in reverse back to their ending-- The ocean. I am quiet; Dieting, fasting, rather From the meaningless mantras That tend to distract me From the distractions That tend to distract me. I am quiet; I inhale every sound I've made since the last retrograde And hold my breath. A strange pranayam I am to practice For three weeks straight-- My cheeks are already turning blue. This was by no decision of mine. My mouth becomes a vacuum cleaner (get your mind out of the gutter) By Cosmic Mandate, An energy much bigger Much more profound Than my body's plans. That is why Every retrograde my lips wade backward Turning phrases like shirts inside out Pouring syllabic rivers in reverse back to their ending-- The ocean, And I am quiet.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Think of Space as nurturing too.

When we love someone, we want to let them know we care. Sometimes we can take this to an extreme, and smother our loved ones. Then ego takes over and instead of giving the gift of our presence, we want to take theirs, and we can't stand be without their physical presence even a second. When we're not around the ones we love, we need to develop the awareness that our absence is as much a gift to them as as our presence. Give the gift of space and absence. Show your loved ones how much you care for them at all times. Of course, use your combined wisdom with your partner to determine when to give the appropriate gift at the appropriate time. Peace n Chill, GG

Listening takes more than ears

Ever seen the Pixar movie 'Brave'? It's about a Scottish Princess who defies the wishes/patterns of her mother and family line in order to be her own person in the beginning of the film. One of the aspects of the film that stands out to me the most is the relationship between the princess, and her mother, the queen. They fail to understand each other, and have frequent arguments, wishing the other would listen to their plight. This reminded me of a person in my life I had a similar relationship with, and recently I have learned that listening takes more than just your ears. People hear each other all the time, computing and processing each others' words in the way they see fit. But I realize that listening with your heart is more important. This person I have argued with for years, my brother, has been one of the most challenging I have ever dealt with in my life--but only with regard to opening my heart. We both came to a point where we recognized that we were saying the same thing, but in different ways, and then there came a choice: open up our hearts or remain in conflict. Of course we decided the former. Once I opened up my heart, his words became new to me, they had a magic about them. more than that, I wasn't paying attention to his words, I was opening my heart to the experience entirely. It hurt like hell, but it was worth it. The heart reveals the magic in all things, and we need it desperately in order to really listen. You ever heard people in an argument say "I'm listening to you!" You know they are not though, because they are angry, their heart is closed off, they are protecting themselves from you. So know the difference between listening and hearing when you are doing it, too. Another point: listening is not just 'letting the other person talk'; it is being engaged in the conversation as the receptive party, treating the person with respect, not from the mind, but from your feelings, from your heart. You may not agree with everything being said, but the heart is the ultimate detective, and is able to filter through all the superficial things and show you many things beyond just what the other person is saying. Experience heart-centered conversation for yourself and you will learn what these things are in your awareness. Peace n chill, GG

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love your own path

I'm a bit of a neurotic. A closet neurotic. I freak out about the silliest things, even when I know it's no big deal. There is a powerful false self I've created, and it wants to protect me from even the smallest hurt, even if it knows it's making up the hurt. This false self in me sometimes gets me to look outside of myself and compare myself to others, constantly. Thusly, according to this false self, I am always in competition with the people I surround myself with--I can never support them or be happy for them. Some relationships have decayed due to this shadow self. Still, I love my path. The Universe cornered me to do so over the past several months. I was highly reluctant, but the constant comparing myself to others was driving me off the deep end. So I resolved to, no matter how fast or slowly I thought I was moving through life, love everything about my path, and the lessons I am learning. It's highly empowering when you can do that--especially when it comes to the the things that aren't so nice to look at. People may look at you strangely for all the things that you're going through, but at a certain point in your development, it's not worth it to succumb to popular opinion; you have to be true to your experience. It's tough at first, but it's well worth it. Peace n chill, GG

Creativity is the altar of Soul

I've come to a point in my creative development where being creative isn't enough for me. No particular art form inspires me more than another. Sure, I am drawn to and better at some things more than others, but it doesn't make them more inspiring. I see that the only way that creativity is nourishing for me is if it is inspired by inner light, a happiness from beyond anything I could ever comprehend or control. That's the kicker. It's out of my control. Here's another kicker: I like that I can't control my happiness. It rules me, and governs me. When I cane to this visceral realization, I began to see that creativity is merely the platform for the soul's presence. Creativity is the temple, the altar, that essence's light comes to dwell within, or sits upon--you could even call creativity a throne of sorts. It's the call for Spirit to shine brightly in the awareness. It's like cleaning up the castle, making it spic and span before the king gets home--yet having a clean castle/home is also inviting to the returning king. Creativity is the celebration that the wise and loving ruler of the heart and universe is always present, and every gift or talent you have been given by this omnipresence, is gifted back to it through devotional offering. I love to sing, but singing by itself inspires no great feelings in me. Singing from a place of joy carries emotion enough to fill worlds. However, as I mentioned before, I can't control my happiness, my inspiration. The key is to do something to get myself to be consistently aware of this happiness, so inspiration comes much easier. The best way to do this is to 1) have a practice that centers you and 2) be consistently honest with yourself every single day, with everything. Don't close anything off. Don't try to be strong all the time--but don't be a drama queen and be a victim either. Do the two things above, and with enough practice of these two things you will come to a space in your experience where happiness is ever present, and life is much easier to live. Soul rules all, and the goal is to make that starkly apparent in your own awareness--nothing else. Once established, you live the Soul, and creativity is the result. Peace and chill, Gabriel Goldiamond