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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Creativity is the altar of Soul

I've come to a point in my creative development where being creative isn't enough for me. No particular art form inspires me more than another. Sure, I am drawn to and better at some things more than others, but it doesn't make them more inspiring. I see that the only way that creativity is nourishing for me is if it is inspired by inner light, a happiness from beyond anything I could ever comprehend or control. That's the kicker. It's out of my control. Here's another kicker: I like that I can't control my happiness. It rules me, and governs me. When I cane to this visceral realization, I began to see that creativity is merely the platform for the soul's presence. Creativity is the temple, the altar, that essence's light comes to dwell within, or sits upon--you could even call creativity a throne of sorts. It's the call for Spirit to shine brightly in the awareness. It's like cleaning up the castle, making it spic and span before the king gets home--yet having a clean castle/home is also inviting to the returning king. Creativity is the celebration that the wise and loving ruler of the heart and universe is always present, and every gift or talent you have been given by this omnipresence, is gifted back to it through devotional offering. I love to sing, but singing by itself inspires no great feelings in me. Singing from a place of joy carries emotion enough to fill worlds. However, as I mentioned before, I can't control my happiness, my inspiration. The key is to do something to get myself to be consistently aware of this happiness, so inspiration comes much easier. The best way to do this is to 1) have a practice that centers you and 2) be consistently honest with yourself every single day, with everything. Don't close anything off. Don't try to be strong all the time--but don't be a drama queen and be a victim either. Do the two things above, and with enough practice of these two things you will come to a space in your experience where happiness is ever present, and life is much easier to live. Soul rules all, and the goal is to make that starkly apparent in your own awareness--nothing else. Once established, you live the Soul, and creativity is the result. Peace and chill, Gabriel Goldiamond

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