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Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

JOY in fear

What's up folks, sorry it's been so long, I've been in the midst of a move so I haven't been able to keep up the way I'd like. Anyway, here goes:

I'd like to talk again about fear. I've written an article on this site before, but I'd like to talk about a slightly different aspect of it today.

Every emotion and thought is a gift. For those who seek Self-Realization, this line of thought will greatly aid you. Why? Because every thought and emotion is a direct line to the Infinite, our true nature.

If you know the truth about the physical world, then you understand that putting an electron microscope on any physical object, going down to a small enough level, will reveal that physical matter is mostly empty space. "Well then" I thought, "Why can't that be the case with thoughts, emotions, states of being?

I know you're asking, "How would I find the essence of thought an emotion without an electron microscope?" The answer is through YOUR OWN AWARENESS.

You know how the gurus say "Let your thoughts come, let your emotions come, pay them no mind?" Well they meant it. And this is why: thoughts and emotions, though not physically accessible, are the same essence as physical objects? A bold claim? I think not.

For me, the emotions are a more powerful and direct experience, so I will discuss these.

Many people don't understand that their emotions essentially have no substance, yet many of us live our lives based upon them. I'm not demonizing emotions; it's just that many people make them god (and on top of that, deny their emotions and worship the intellect!)

The emotions are powerful, no doubt, but they are part of our experience, meaning they 'belong' to us, and we are the gods (so to speak) that give them power.

When we focus on an emotion, it grows. Our attention give it more and more potency, more dynamism. Have you ever noticed that? And because emotions release certain neurotransmitters on the physical level, we can become addicted to certain emotions, because these neurotransmitters are essentially body-made drugs.

But imagine this: what if, when you felt an emotion, you felt it completely, without any interference or attachment on your part, and allowed it to pass on its own? It IS possible, contrary to those who would rather hold onto certain emotions as their primary experience.

Every emotion, every thought in reality is just passing through; it travels of its own accord. It is merely our awareness which gives every emotion and thought the power to dominate how we make decisions in our experience.

Okay, a little verbose, but I have discussed these things because I wanted to get to fear. Fear gets a bad rap, I feel. It is just an experience, and if allowed to pass through your awareness with no attachment, it will leave on its own. Again, I say, fear is not the enemy. It's just an experience. Put the microscope of awareness on all emotion and thought, to reveal the true nature that lies beneath it all.

YES, something good lies beneath everything. It is who you really are. I call it Infinity, but it can be called other things (God, Tao, Krishna...~sigh~ do I really have to list them all lol?). Actually I like to call it LOVE, too.

Accepting, embracing, and allowing the emotion/thought to pass, reveals a peace of mind, a tranquility underneath it. It is a stillness, a happiness, a calmness. From that calmness radiates joy.

Sometimes, when I experience a state of Love awareness, I become afraid to lose it. Guess what I do? Acknowledge the fear. Feel it completely, with no attachment. Don't give the fear a reason to be; it just is. Then watch it dissolve in your awareness. Discover the Joy that radiates beneath it.

So, whenever you feel any emotion (and I think emotions are a better roadmap to go by than thoughts because they are simpler and more powerful to experience), embrace totally without your mind assigning any reason to it. Just feel it. If there's a place in your body that you may physically feel it in, embrace that as well. Let no emotion control you to where you are their slave. Emotions (and thoughts) are really here to serve you--to lead to back to who you are. So use them correctly. Realize that you are the lord of your experience through doing this exercise. Meditation and proper breathing are good ideas too.

And with that said, good bye all

Til next time,

Gabriel Goldiamond

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just don't close up.

Everything that we go through in life, we must keep our heart open. I find that, because humanity has been trained to seek an egoistic sense of 'perfection', we do the same when it comes to spirituality.

Who said that your heart can't be full in the midst of passionate anger? This is the fundamental difference between a mundane moment and an enlightened moment is the openness of the heart. The only importance is to keep the heart open. Happy, sad, angry, keep the heart open.

Life is life. It is full of ups and downs--things that distract you from your true nature, and it will always be that way--such is the flow. Just don't close up. Stay open open open. Through all pleasure an pain. Make that your only objective, and you're learning the only lesson that you really need to learn. If you choose this path, My blessings go with you. I love you.

Peace be,


I say blame people.

Despite everything that I've learned in my life, including one of the universal laws that everything is a reflection of yourself, I blame people. Why? If you know how to use the art of blame, you understand that it uncovers aspects of yourself that you hide from your most direct experience (meaning, how you yourself do the things that you other people for).

Projection and blaming are useful tools that give you clues as to what it is that you do. If you feel a powerful enough emotional charge to blame someone or something, that means you have created the space to interact with the person or situation in this way.

So blame the world! But. But but but. Know that your blame only reveals yourself. It's painful, but necessary to integrate the parts of yourself you deny to claim your full power.

I love you,