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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just don't close up.

Everything that we go through in life, we must keep our heart open. I find that, because humanity has been trained to seek an egoistic sense of 'perfection', we do the same when it comes to spirituality.

Who said that your heart can't be full in the midst of passionate anger? This is the fundamental difference between a mundane moment and an enlightened moment is the openness of the heart. The only importance is to keep the heart open. Happy, sad, angry, keep the heart open.

Life is life. It is full of ups and downs--things that distract you from your true nature, and it will always be that way--such is the flow. Just don't close up. Stay open open open. Through all pleasure an pain. Make that your only objective, and you're learning the only lesson that you really need to learn. If you choose this path, My blessings go with you. I love you.

Peace be,


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