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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Divine Feminine's many faces

Today I saw a beautiful video today showing how many paintings transitioned into each other. Here is the link:

Read the comment stream (it's not very long).

Now this is the comment I was going to write on fb in addition to everything else I wrote, but decided to blog it:

"I don't want to give anyone the impression that I am an 'angry black person', because, quite simply, I am not. I am having this experience of being in a brown body, and of wanting to see brown people represented in a more balanced fashion. The following is going to be a huge digression into film and television, but I'm a big media-head (media for me means 'the liaison between you and information", and in this entry I mean film and television) so...brown people can be intelligent scientists, and main character superheroes.

American Brown people (that are referred to as blacks) can be just as compelling and emotionally gripping as Caucasians on screen, and not just Denzel Washington,  Samuel L Jackson, or Morgan Freeman (and in a non contemporary case, Sydney Poitier). 'Blacks' weren't just 'slaves', that's a mind programme. 'Blacks' were spiritual Kings and Queens.

This is no slight against other so-called races, (which is a pretty ridiculous ideology, considering that DNA across the board varies little, meaning all of us have a common genetic stream, but anyway) who are also marginalized and heavily stereotyped (as if they couldn't find enough of 'em) in media. Maybe this rant shows that I might be lying about being an 'Angry black person'? I dunno. I just love movies, and I want to see all 'races' and physical features represented and appreciated in what we all watch."

What do you think? Do you think that all 'races' should be 'equally' represented in film and media. I put it in quotes because it's such an abused term, but I mean it in the purest way possible.

Alright, peace unto you,

G.A.B.E. aka Excelsior Joymagic

Friday, February 21, 2014

Insanity is giving the same definition of it over and over again and thinking that you really understand what it means.

The popular definition of insanity is that it's "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." Bull.

There are plenty of things in this world that we apply the same method to but expect different results, like, say, SCIENCE?!? Sure there are predictable aspects to it, but if we got the same result from the scientific method and others, we;d have figured it out already!

PEOPLE?!? You can say the same thing in the same way to a person and get a completely different response, and this is not due to insanity. It's just life. You never know what is on another person's mind. Sometimes doing the same thing and actually getting a different result can be pretty wild!

PLACES?!? You can go to your same favorite restaurant and have a completely different experience! Yes, you go to your favorite place expecting the same GENERAL experience, but your experience, even at your favorite place, is never exactly the same.

Weak examples? Maybe. I just think that the generally accepted definition of insanity is too general.

That's why the Einstein quote, "You can't solve problems with the same level of intelligence that created it" or some sort, is more accurate to me.

If you want to transcend a challenge, you must think, feel, and do differently. You cannot remain as you are--you must change your expression.

Attempting to get a new result with old mentality (thought, feeling, action) is detachment from the reality of the moment, and if taken to an extreme leads to insanity.

Again, just to finalize it, if you think you will transcend an 'obstacle' with the mentality that created the 'obstacle', this is detachment from the truth of the moment--insanity.

Okay, enough of my ranting. I just thought that the definition should be worded differently.


G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


'You' are always channeling consciousness. As a matter of fact, it's all consciousness. So who is channeling? Who is being channeled? The only thing that could possibly be channeling is the physical body--channeling the expression of the soul, aka pure consciousness.

What we call channeling is actually consciousness experiencing itself as having many different qualities.

Most human beings on this planet identify with their physcial body, meaning, they subconsciously believe that the physical body is is the totality of who they are. This belief gives birth to many others, one of them being the idea of 'channeling'.

Because most people (who are 'spiritual') believe that they are the physical body, they believe that their realm of influence is limited to the physical body, and no further.

Consciousness is One, and Infinite, but it experiences itself having many different qualities, influences, and forms.

So a 'person' (consciousness identifying with the physical body) can be surrounded by an unseen 'person' or 'being' (a consciousness of a particular influence or personality), and the physical person can allow this unseen being to use the person's physical body in some way--through thought, writing, speech, or the unseen being may use all of the faculties of the physical body.

Remember, however, that there is only One Consciousness, and everything is an expression of that consciousness. Even though the physical body is consciousness too, without the spark of life (soul) to drive it, it becomes lifeless. So if you are 'alive' (the soul is driving the body) that essentially means that you are already channeling--or, a better way to put it--you are being channeled by the physical body.

Just as a spaceman puts on his gear in order to experience space, so must consciousness 'put on' the physicality in order to experience physical reality.

All this talk of 'I was channeling' gives a great high (if your channeling a cool being in fully realized Divinity), but it is not special. The physical body is surrounded by an Infinite amount of energies and consciousnesses that you will never notice as a physical being; but there is a way that you can experience 'channeling' more often:

Inspiration and creativity.

When you feel inspired, your awareness expands into realms of reality where higher vibrational 'beings' dwell. Not all of these 'beings' are in your corner, however. Just like human beings, some want to help, some want to hurt (but these are low vibrational) some are indifferent. A Side Note: One key to identifying the kind of beings you are tapping into is shown by your emotional state.

You are always being channeled.


G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Religion is something you build

I've just thought about religion. In my opinion, religion from one standpoint is the rigid worship of ideas as holy and unchangable, as the one and only truth, and any other set of beliefs is regarded as not worth researching or discussing.

Religion, however, can be a liberating force of mind rather than an enslaving one. The liberating religion is a very different religion than most humans are prepared to accept.

This kind of religion, is the religion of experience.

Contrary to popular religion--aHEM--belief, experience is the only way to truly know something without doubt.

Most people believe that knowledge comes from repetition of 'facts', 'figures', and beliefs to a human mind. "There. Now you know the information."

But it will remain an unengaged reality; this so-called knowledge will never be alive for you

You see, more and more science is proving that the human mind learns best when the subject is something it is interested in, or uses an interesting activity to learn the information. This is how the mind adopts information as its own--by attaching new information to 'old' information already confirmed by individual experience.

Tony Robbins says that this is the process of learning--associating the known with the unknown.

When the human mind associates with new information, it becomes part of that human's experience--it becomes an undeniable fact to that person

There's a really big 'but' though.

Because this formula of learning can be used to fill minds with false doctrine, there is another factor that assures experience is true for one's own lifepath...


The unconditional acceptance of who you are.

This means you have to know yourself--

Both your highs and your lows,

Your great attributes and your not so good ones--

and Love them equally.

When you do this, life becomes a process of integration, rather than a struggle of accumulation.

It becomes an adventure of experience, instead of a lifeless path of facts.

Experience becomes your only true tool for knowledge,

not hearsay,

not idol worship of some historical figure,

just YOU.

The same goes for religion.

Your worship, adoration and Love for the Creator must be built out of your own experience!

People love to tell you how to think, feel, and behave about God, but how can you really value God if you

don't create your own relationship with God?

Religion becomes a lifeless tool of control, then.

You don't have to believe in any particular deity to have a relationship with the cause of all things.

You just have to know what rings true for you in your heart.

Religion is truly built by your personal experience from the level of the heart.

Loving yourself, and understanding that your experience is the only thing you really have brings God to you.

Whatever you come to see God in:




Sustainable Living practices,


Et cetera.

Let your knowledge grow as you coem to know yourself, to know God, more and more deeply.

This is the real religion.

Real religion is built by your own experience of god in your heart.

There is no deity outside of yourself that you must submit to.

Unless you want to build your religion, through your own experience, with the idea of a deity.

Remember, on this path of religion, it must be built of the sweat of your own brow--you must do your own work...

And God is there effortlessly, and S/He will never leave,

Because of the conviction your havem the PROOF you have, from your own precious experience.


G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Everyone has a voice

Everyone has an opinion; the key is constructively using those opinions. 

The Internet is the novel multifaceted platform through which human beings (at least of my generation) predominately communicate. 

This leads to circumstances that give everyone a voice to be heard. This has both pros and cons, obviously, most things do. 

So here we have a situation where everyone has a voice, an opinion, and says exactly what they feel online.

The problem here, especially in Western Society, is that humans as a whole are not taught fundamental values of life like, respect, dignity, responsibility, you know, Saturday morning special type stuff. This thus translates into a great deal of people making opinions that are lewd, dismissive, petty, and degrading.

While, as a Divine Being, one should respect each person's opinion and experience, it is important that we as humans raise our vibration in order to see the usefulness of such opinions from a 'big picture' perspective. Raising one's awareness, or viewpoint to see the impact of an experience is crucial to understanding its relevance. When we raise our vibration--when we cease to react to everything and simply get re-centered in our being, values, beliefs, and positive selfimage, we can see if and how a viewpoint is relevant to our personal, social, and global lives.

When we get a bird's eye view we begin to sift through the opinions that uplift us, the opinions intended to degrade us, the positive opinions that only brown-nose us, and the challenging opinions that help us grow. We can see how these opinions, whether they are inner beliefs or viewpoints from others, can be applied to our lives if applicable and how they will impact others when applied.

Everyone has a viewpoint; that will be true as long as we manifest ourselves as individuals. It is how we use those opinions to raise the vibration of our lives individually and collectively--SIMULTANEOUSLY. Then, instead of threads and threads of opinions just for the sake of it, we can take the buffet of perspectives and see if they are truly applicable to the amelioration of human existence. Just my opinion.


G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

F*ck Your bad trip bro!

This is kind of an irritated entry.

Ever since I took on the mantle of thinking positively about myself, the Universe (aka ME) has 'tested' my resolve by introducing certain negative elements from my subconscious mind as representations in the physical. Let me explain in a few words: people and circumstances.

The thing that has begun to irritate me as I have begun to think positively is, HOW MUCH PEOPLE ARE WILLING TO ARGUE AND DEFEND NEGATIVITY AS 'REALITY'.


::Holds head in hand::

This is complete bollocks.

Negativity is A REALITY, not THE REALITY. It is a CHOICE.

Now I understand the irony of being irritated, commonly known to be a negative state, but I believe that I have been triggered in a particular way. I believe that I am like the silent kid that was picked on and rarely fought back, only to come to adulthood and realize he's pissed about all the disrespect he endured--wait, I AM THAT KID!

This entry is putting my foot down to all the negativity that comes up in my mind, and reflected in people who have not raised their consciousness enough to realize that negativity is a choice, not a mandate, not an imposed reality by some outside force.

Think about this--everything that is physical that you use first started out as an idea in someone's mind. WITHOUT EXCEPTION, WITHOUT EQUIVOCATION. EVERYTHING.


It would suffice to say that those that are happy and live happy think happy. Those that are rich and live rich think rich. Those that are successful and live successful think success. See the pattern here?

The same applies for those who live poor, miserable, and unsuccessfully.

Now, that's not fair to the people who are poor and miserable, you might say.

But the fact of the matter is that, when you see from a different perspective, you see how everyone is literally creating their own experience.

When you are bogged down in the reality that you have been told to believe is real (because you have) you cannot see this.

Think about it, and be honest with yourself. If you are miserable in your life, can you really say to me that you aren't thinking negative thoughts about yourself? Think about the thoughts you think everyday. If you're too outwardly focused on what others think of you, because you believe lowly of yourself, that's a thought. A very POWERFUL THOUGHT, because it is the generating thought that creates your daily misery.

Ok, I blew off some steam; time to calm down now.

Changing our thoughts can be as difficult or as easy as we choose. Difficulty in changing the way we think about ourselves is not really difficulty at all--it is attachment, addiction, to the old way of thinking. If you understand why thinking positively is important, and cease to see it as an avoidance of negativity, you are on your way.

I love to give food examples, because food is such as fundamentally shared reality for the consensus of humans on this planet:

When you go to a buffet, and see your favorite food, do you A) go to your favorite food, or B)try to avoid your least favorite food? If you answered B, you're just being a smartass and hurting yourself. If you answered A, you're being honest with yourself. It is the same with negative and positive thoughts.

People that argue for the negative are arguing for a reality that has been superimposed upon their innocent nature. As babies, yes we have alternate lives that affect our 'karma' in this one, but as children, we are sponges, only picking up that which is around us. If we have negative thinking parents, negative thinking news, negative thinking movies and music, negative thinking education, and negative thinking government, what kind of reality do you think that a typical person would grow up to believe is real? A negative thinking reality. Thusly, people arguing for negativity and negative experience are arguing for something that is not their initial innocent nature.

This is not to be insensitive to those that have gone or are going through 'negative' situations right now. What I'm saying is don't argue for it. Obviously you don't like the situation you are in, so why vouch for it? Vouch for thinking positively about yourself and your situation.

If a loved one is dying in your life, that can be seen as a negative situation. It is sad, surely, but would you argue vehemently for seemingly losing your connection with a loved one? What I mean is, would you argue for it as if you'd love for something like that to happen to you as often as possible? NO!!!

The choice to think positively is an affirmation of your true nature, which is bliss. "oh boy here he goes" I can hear some people say, but I have experienced this for myself. The enlightened masters, whom people tend to think are more important than they are, have said this. Why not take it literally? Why not see this wisdom as a living reality for yourself everyday?

The expression of your true nature, which is infinite bliss, is joy. When you feel joy, don't you feel good? Don't you feel more possibilities within you? Don't you just have an overall better view of life?

Ok, quiet those of you who believe that good experience is quickly overshadowed by bad, this is victim mentality.


What many people don't understand is, that the subjective experience of every being is VASTLY more important than the so-called 'objective' one.


Yes, there is a balance that must be created at a certain level of learning, where you don't want to overwhelm people with your personality, or be overwhelmed by theirs, but then there comes a point, in which you viscerally, deeply understand the power of thought, and everything in your life is congruent with your inner state.

Your inner state is blissful being. Positive thoughts affirm, support, and facilitate the realization of your nature as bliss in daily life.

People who think positive thoughts do not run from negative thoughts like the boogeyman, because A) avoiding a thought comes from a fear of negativity, which is a negative thought in itself and B) Real Positive thinker know that negative boogeyman thoughts are a choice that they do not prefer. Masters always choose what they prefer.

No disrespect or negation to those going through rough times; I am simply affiming that, even if you are going through something 'negative' a positive thought, even if it's just ONE, might just be your best bet to beginning to change your life, but that's just my opinion. If you can't think positively, at least begin to love yourself--ey, that might be my next topic!

Peace all,

G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My New Video!

For those following my page, please check out my new music video, "Hippie To The Fullest": Peace, G.A.B.E. aka Excelsior Joymagic