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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Nature of Motivation

The Nature of Motivation
By Gabriel Goldiamond

When I look out into the world, I see a lot of people that don’t know how to use their energy. What I mean is, I see so many people living half-lives, with filled with unfulfilled dreams. When I have talks with these people, many times they will share with me their desires, wishes, and secret ambitions. “So why don’t you go and do that then?” I ask. Then I wait for the excuses. One of the most famous ones is “I don’t know how to keep myself motivated.”

Motivation is a perplexing thing. It is the thing that rouses us to do all the things we do each day, from waking up in the morning and getting ready for work, to coming home, eating dinner, washing the dishes, and going to sleep at night. There is motivation to all our actions.
Okay, now that we’ve got that fundamental principle of motivation out of the way, let’s apply it to life change and progress. The desires that come from our hearts, our deepest desires, are, in truth, our most powerful motivations. The motivations that drive our actions, words, thoughts, beliefs and feelings each and every day are, in actuality, our least powerful motivations. Why? Because they are established. They have been programmed to run on auto-pilot in our minds and we are used to them. The issue is that many people are programmed not to follow their deepest heartfelt desire, because it is more powerful.
For suppressed core desires and ambitions to manifest, we have to tap into a deep level of power and strengthen ourselves. It’s akin to wanting to build physical muscle. To become stronger, we must lift, and we must respect the process of becoming stronger.
This means that the process to achieve our greatest desires will be a process of mind strengthening. Mind strengthening is the science that says. “No matter what my programmed beliefs are, I am choosing a new belief to replace it.” And that means you’re in for a fight. Though not experienced by all, many people, in the desire to change their lives get a huge resistance from their past beliefs, and eventually give up the belief in themselves to achieve their dreams. This is the major conflict that stops ninety-nine point nine percent of people dead in their mental tracks.

However, there is hope. I have an exercise that I want you to try. If you have a goal coming from your innermost being, make a promise to yourself that you will go after it for a full month. No matter how big the goal is. In the course of this month, I guarantee you that you will hit that brick wall of doubt and conflict, and you will want to turn back to your old ways. However, I want you to be waiting for this conflict, this feeling--don’t avoid it. When this feeling comes, stop everything you are doing, and feel the doubt. Feel the conflict. Other thoughts may come to validate this feeling, but don’t let them. Just watch the thoughts in your head. If you give it a good 60 seconds, the feelings and thoughts will have subsided somewhat. Now, say to those thoughts and feelings, in a calm, yet firm tone, “I am consciously choosing to go after my goal, no matter what you say.” Breathe deeply again. Breathe out the negativity.
Why am I asking that you do this? Because true motivation, fundamental motivation, isn’t what you do when you’re feeling good. True motivation is what you do when your mind gets rough. Circumstances reflect our inner selves, so it is never the circumstances that get you down. It is only your mind. Motivation is who you are when your mind hits ‘rock bottom’. Can you remain faithful to your dreams? You wouldn’t cheat on your lover, would you? So why would you cheat on your heart?

Gabriel Goldiamond, Consultant, Life Coach and Author of The ‘I AM’ Science Program.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I find that the worship of the feminine is not bringing about the RULE of the feminine for this human era. I find that, in my consciousness, because the woman is in all of us, man and woman, that the worship returns to the man, then back to the woman, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Accepting the feminine brings us back into balance, but not for 'women' to rule (not for men either). It is simply to help establish real gender equality in the awareness of humankind.

I say this 'helps' because it is only one part of the whole shebang. The masculine must be loved as well. Everyone, woman and man, must see the masculine in themselves too. The masculine by nature is not an abusive energy; it is an aggressive one, a still energy, an energy of purpose and direction.

The full visceral acceptance of these 'two' energies within you will dissolve all tensions between the sexes; know 'both' of these energies, and be the sex that you desire.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sharing Realities


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Know Your Charge

If you see yourself as an open person, you are around someone who is closed off, and you want them to be open, be mindful. Some people are closing off for a reason. In some cases, a person's perception of his/her own light has been perverted, so when you open them, you'll most likely get the perversion first. So unless you're willing to be a skillful guide, I would advise not just 'popping people open' because you feel a shortage of those with whom you can share i.e. lonely. Know your charge before you proceed

Monday, July 30, 2012


I find it awesome and intriguing that much of the greatest work humanity has created came forth by accident, serendipity, or as a innocent idea. You can't plan greatness! But you can prepare for it--you can facilitate its expression. Greatness is already the empty space of limitless energy; you must create a clear channel for it. That's what life's all about. We aren't trying to become great--we already are. We are merely flowing down life's river, grabbing bits of material from here and there to build the clearest channel possible. now, set up your structures--infinity's about to flow through.

Friday, July 27, 2012

A Personal Experience I thought I'd share

Heath Ledger died because, as an actor, he let certain malevolent influences possess his physical body until it drove him mad. The 'overdosing' that many of the stars have is to suppress the influences that are beginning to take over. Why do I say this? Because Heath Ledger's performance in 'The Dark Knight' was one of those possessed performances. It left such a negative imprint on me, but the character was so interesting and charismatic, I had to imitate it. I started to find, that, as i had done so, that influence would start to creep into my field, creating depression and chaos. I feared this influence, until last night. I got an epiphany: This influence can only dish out what it itself is experiencing--this major suffering. Suddenly, out of nowhere, I had compassion for this influence. I felt like it was my baby. i wanted to cry for it, simultaneously not identifying with it. "I Love you," I said to it. The influence tried to block the Love by saying "I don't have a soul." I replied, "Everything has a soul, everything has consiousness," and myy Love beamed even more. "I Love you, Joker," (as funny as that sounds), and my heart emitted pure white light, engulfing, assimilating, and integrating the influence. I used to fear it, now I can't stop my uncontrollable Love from getting close to it. What a huge transformation! Love and Light and Peace and Blessings, GG

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mercury Retrograde (Poem)

Every retrograde my lips wade backward Turning phrases like shirts inside out Pouring syllabic rivers in reverse back to their ending-- The ocean. I am quiet; Dieting, fasting, rather From the meaningless mantras That tend to distract me From the distractions That tend to distract me. I am quiet; I inhale every sound I've made since the last retrograde And hold my breath. A strange pranayam I am to practice For three weeks straight-- My cheeks are already turning blue. This was by no decision of mine. My mouth becomes a vacuum cleaner (get your mind out of the gutter) By Cosmic Mandate, An energy much bigger Much more profound Than my body's plans. That is why Every retrograde my lips wade backward Turning phrases like shirts inside out Pouring syllabic rivers in reverse back to their ending-- The ocean, And I am quiet.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Think of Space as nurturing too.

When we love someone, we want to let them know we care. Sometimes we can take this to an extreme, and smother our loved ones. Then ego takes over and instead of giving the gift of our presence, we want to take theirs, and we can't stand be without their physical presence even a second. When we're not around the ones we love, we need to develop the awareness that our absence is as much a gift to them as as our presence. Give the gift of space and absence. Show your loved ones how much you care for them at all times. Of course, use your combined wisdom with your partner to determine when to give the appropriate gift at the appropriate time. Peace n Chill, GG

Listening takes more than ears

Ever seen the Pixar movie 'Brave'? It's about a Scottish Princess who defies the wishes/patterns of her mother and family line in order to be her own person in the beginning of the film. One of the aspects of the film that stands out to me the most is the relationship between the princess, and her mother, the queen. They fail to understand each other, and have frequent arguments, wishing the other would listen to their plight. This reminded me of a person in my life I had a similar relationship with, and recently I have learned that listening takes more than just your ears. People hear each other all the time, computing and processing each others' words in the way they see fit. But I realize that listening with your heart is more important. This person I have argued with for years, my brother, has been one of the most challenging I have ever dealt with in my life--but only with regard to opening my heart. We both came to a point where we recognized that we were saying the same thing, but in different ways, and then there came a choice: open up our hearts or remain in conflict. Of course we decided the former. Once I opened up my heart, his words became new to me, they had a magic about them. more than that, I wasn't paying attention to his words, I was opening my heart to the experience entirely. It hurt like hell, but it was worth it. The heart reveals the magic in all things, and we need it desperately in order to really listen. You ever heard people in an argument say "I'm listening to you!" You know they are not though, because they are angry, their heart is closed off, they are protecting themselves from you. So know the difference between listening and hearing when you are doing it, too. Another point: listening is not just 'letting the other person talk'; it is being engaged in the conversation as the receptive party, treating the person with respect, not from the mind, but from your feelings, from your heart. You may not agree with everything being said, but the heart is the ultimate detective, and is able to filter through all the superficial things and show you many things beyond just what the other person is saying. Experience heart-centered conversation for yourself and you will learn what these things are in your awareness. Peace n chill, GG

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Love your own path

I'm a bit of a neurotic. A closet neurotic. I freak out about the silliest things, even when I know it's no big deal. There is a powerful false self I've created, and it wants to protect me from even the smallest hurt, even if it knows it's making up the hurt. This false self in me sometimes gets me to look outside of myself and compare myself to others, constantly. Thusly, according to this false self, I am always in competition with the people I surround myself with--I can never support them or be happy for them. Some relationships have decayed due to this shadow self. Still, I love my path. The Universe cornered me to do so over the past several months. I was highly reluctant, but the constant comparing myself to others was driving me off the deep end. So I resolved to, no matter how fast or slowly I thought I was moving through life, love everything about my path, and the lessons I am learning. It's highly empowering when you can do that--especially when it comes to the the things that aren't so nice to look at. People may look at you strangely for all the things that you're going through, but at a certain point in your development, it's not worth it to succumb to popular opinion; you have to be true to your experience. It's tough at first, but it's well worth it. Peace n chill, GG

Creativity is the altar of Soul

I've come to a point in my creative development where being creative isn't enough for me. No particular art form inspires me more than another. Sure, I am drawn to and better at some things more than others, but it doesn't make them more inspiring. I see that the only way that creativity is nourishing for me is if it is inspired by inner light, a happiness from beyond anything I could ever comprehend or control. That's the kicker. It's out of my control. Here's another kicker: I like that I can't control my happiness. It rules me, and governs me. When I cane to this visceral realization, I began to see that creativity is merely the platform for the soul's presence. Creativity is the temple, the altar, that essence's light comes to dwell within, or sits upon--you could even call creativity a throne of sorts. It's the call for Spirit to shine brightly in the awareness. It's like cleaning up the castle, making it spic and span before the king gets home--yet having a clean castle/home is also inviting to the returning king. Creativity is the celebration that the wise and loving ruler of the heart and universe is always present, and every gift or talent you have been given by this omnipresence, is gifted back to it through devotional offering. I love to sing, but singing by itself inspires no great feelings in me. Singing from a place of joy carries emotion enough to fill worlds. However, as I mentioned before, I can't control my happiness, my inspiration. The key is to do something to get myself to be consistently aware of this happiness, so inspiration comes much easier. The best way to do this is to 1) have a practice that centers you and 2) be consistently honest with yourself every single day, with everything. Don't close anything off. Don't try to be strong all the time--but don't be a drama queen and be a victim either. Do the two things above, and with enough practice of these two things you will come to a space in your experience where happiness is ever present, and life is much easier to live. Soul rules all, and the goal is to make that starkly apparent in your own awareness--nothing else. Once established, you live the Soul, and creativity is the result. Peace and chill, Gabriel Goldiamond

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't know why I can't post the vid here, but here is the url: When we enter into communication, we want it to be evolutionary. What does this mean? This means that we want each interaction we have to aid in our learning so we understand how to maximize happiness in our own lives. When we're happy, we're at our best. Even our bodes produce favorable conditions when we are happy--we produce healthy hormones, our bodies are able to fully break down nutrients, we are even more alert and awake when we are happy. Thusly, for the sake or our health, we want everything in our lives to nourish evolution. Evolutionary communication includes these things: 1) Honoring yourself and what you bring to the interaction 2) Honoring the other and what they bring to the interaction 3) Knowing through your intuition (or checking in with the other person) whether what you are saying, or the other person is saying is contributing to the evolution of the conversation 4) Being present/bringing your awareness to it all These are not progressive steps, but values/ideas that must be exercised throughout the entire conversation. You will know whether the exchange will be good for you if you maintain an awareness of the wisdom inside you--it will tell you through whatever means it can as to whether something will help you or not. It's good to have a practice, that you do every day that keeps your inner awareness clear (yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc). Peace and blessings, Gabriel Goldiamond

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ripples in a pond

All beings in your experience are the reverberations of your own thoughts. I've thought about this a lot lately, especially when it comes to having a significant other. You guys know how it is--you'll be wanting to have someone in your life, but no one shows up, or you keep dating the 'wrong people', etc. One day last week I got the intuitive message: "Your mate will be the reverberation of your own happiness." I got an accompanying vision of a pebble being dropped in a pond. Wow. I totally received this message on a visceral level, not just in my head (and we know you haven't really learned something until your whole body knows it). The perfect mate you are looking for is you. Seriously. The only way you can attract this mate, however, is to be overflowing with happiness for who you are ALONE. No one 'out there' can make you happy. I know this is the mantra of the millennium, but it's no less true today than it was in 1012 AD. However, humanity's awareness is expanding, which makes this wisdom more readily available. Thus, we can live this wisdom in our lives. It hasn't been easy--no it has not. I met a gorgeous woman the other day which seemed to match many things I wanted to experience in a woman. I made the brutal mistake of forgetting that she was the reverberation of my own thoughts, and freaked out. I gave the ripples that I created power over myself! It's a tendency of mine, but it's soon to be corrected. I want to be happy, and I know you do too, but we have to step up and take responsibility for our own happiness. We must be unshakably happy with ourselves--it's the only way to sustain a happy life, and to attract people into your life that reinforce and increase this happiness. It's been a tough road for me, like BOOT CAMP. Imagine a drill sergeant waking you up at 6 o'clock every morning shouting at you to be happy. Yeah, it's kinda like that. So know that we are doing those happiness drills together. You are not alone. But we have to know the truth in order to really enjoy each other, and that means, remembering that we are the reverberations of each other, so let the ripples in the pond be created by your heart. Peace 'n' Chicken grease, Gabriel Goldiamond

Monday, March 26, 2012


This is my film on one of the oldest rules regarding human interaction and beyond!

Saturday, February 25, 2012



Saturday, February 11, 2012

Forgetting the Former Things: The Heart's Code

Forgetting the Former Things: The Heart's Code: I just started reading "The Heart's Code" by Paul Pearsall . Before his death in 2007, Dr. Pearsall was a scientist who had come to believ...

Sexology—Cultivating Pure Love Energy - Organic Intimacy

Please watch this video!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012


There have been so many feelings rising up and passing through me the past several days that it's easy to lose track of time, and a stable sense of reality. I'm fine, don't worry, I'm pretty grounded right now, but I wonder if I'll be able to deal with these emotions the same way when I need to be out and about.

What I mean is, will I be able to calmly process them the way I do in solitude? And that's what brings me to the million dollar point: The Moment is the Great Equalizer.

I've been so much more in tune with my body lately, understanding how it is the master of the moment. The body always gives you clues as to your disposition, and multiple levels--physical of course, as well as emotional, psychological, and spiritual. The moment, this present moment, is the great equalizer because it is all we as human beings really have. The past, the future--these are fairy tales, a distraction of imagination.

When I have the courage to be completely immersed in the moment, regardless of the experience of pleasure or pain, I can see how I am perfect in it. There is nothing for me to improve or work on. If working on ourselves until we were perfect was the case, we'd be working forever because that thought process will always find something 'wrong'! The moment is when you give up thought, and only look for the cues from body and feelings, if you've learned what to look for.

It can be daunting to see what blockages in ourselves we need to remove in order to see the perfection that we already are, but simultaneously, the fact that love waits immediately beneath every perceived flaw is the unfaltering truth that destroys all illusions of 'perfection' according to the intellect. This truth also allows us to be fully human, and operate from the unifying power of the heart, which creates harmony no matter how incoherent things may look to the mind. It is always in the greatest interest for all creation to live from the heart, and the heart lives in the moment. The beautiful, fully alive moment, shining, unabashedly naked, embracing you AS YOU.

Did I just go on a poetic ramble? Love you all.

Gabriel Goldiamond

Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

JOY in fear

What's up folks, sorry it's been so long, I've been in the midst of a move so I haven't been able to keep up the way I'd like. Anyway, here goes:

I'd like to talk again about fear. I've written an article on this site before, but I'd like to talk about a slightly different aspect of it today.

Every emotion and thought is a gift. For those who seek Self-Realization, this line of thought will greatly aid you. Why? Because every thought and emotion is a direct line to the Infinite, our true nature.

If you know the truth about the physical world, then you understand that putting an electron microscope on any physical object, going down to a small enough level, will reveal that physical matter is mostly empty space. "Well then" I thought, "Why can't that be the case with thoughts, emotions, states of being?

I know you're asking, "How would I find the essence of thought an emotion without an electron microscope?" The answer is through YOUR OWN AWARENESS.

You know how the gurus say "Let your thoughts come, let your emotions come, pay them no mind?" Well they meant it. And this is why: thoughts and emotions, though not physically accessible, are the same essence as physical objects? A bold claim? I think not.

For me, the emotions are a more powerful and direct experience, so I will discuss these.

Many people don't understand that their emotions essentially have no substance, yet many of us live our lives based upon them. I'm not demonizing emotions; it's just that many people make them god (and on top of that, deny their emotions and worship the intellect!)

The emotions are powerful, no doubt, but they are part of our experience, meaning they 'belong' to us, and we are the gods (so to speak) that give them power.

When we focus on an emotion, it grows. Our attention give it more and more potency, more dynamism. Have you ever noticed that? And because emotions release certain neurotransmitters on the physical level, we can become addicted to certain emotions, because these neurotransmitters are essentially body-made drugs.

But imagine this: what if, when you felt an emotion, you felt it completely, without any interference or attachment on your part, and allowed it to pass on its own? It IS possible, contrary to those who would rather hold onto certain emotions as their primary experience.

Every emotion, every thought in reality is just passing through; it travels of its own accord. It is merely our awareness which gives every emotion and thought the power to dominate how we make decisions in our experience.

Okay, a little verbose, but I have discussed these things because I wanted to get to fear. Fear gets a bad rap, I feel. It is just an experience, and if allowed to pass through your awareness with no attachment, it will leave on its own. Again, I say, fear is not the enemy. It's just an experience. Put the microscope of awareness on all emotion and thought, to reveal the true nature that lies beneath it all.

YES, something good lies beneath everything. It is who you really are. I call it Infinity, but it can be called other things (God, Tao, Krishna...~sigh~ do I really have to list them all lol?). Actually I like to call it LOVE, too.

Accepting, embracing, and allowing the emotion/thought to pass, reveals a peace of mind, a tranquility underneath it. It is a stillness, a happiness, a calmness. From that calmness radiates joy.

Sometimes, when I experience a state of Love awareness, I become afraid to lose it. Guess what I do? Acknowledge the fear. Feel it completely, with no attachment. Don't give the fear a reason to be; it just is. Then watch it dissolve in your awareness. Discover the Joy that radiates beneath it.

So, whenever you feel any emotion (and I think emotions are a better roadmap to go by than thoughts because they are simpler and more powerful to experience), embrace totally without your mind assigning any reason to it. Just feel it. If there's a place in your body that you may physically feel it in, embrace that as well. Let no emotion control you to where you are their slave. Emotions (and thoughts) are really here to serve you--to lead to back to who you are. So use them correctly. Realize that you are the lord of your experience through doing this exercise. Meditation and proper breathing are good ideas too.

And with that said, good bye all

Til next time,

Gabriel Goldiamond

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just don't close up.

Everything that we go through in life, we must keep our heart open. I find that, because humanity has been trained to seek an egoistic sense of 'perfection', we do the same when it comes to spirituality.

Who said that your heart can't be full in the midst of passionate anger? This is the fundamental difference between a mundane moment and an enlightened moment is the openness of the heart. The only importance is to keep the heart open. Happy, sad, angry, keep the heart open.

Life is life. It is full of ups and downs--things that distract you from your true nature, and it will always be that way--such is the flow. Just don't close up. Stay open open open. Through all pleasure an pain. Make that your only objective, and you're learning the only lesson that you really need to learn. If you choose this path, My blessings go with you. I love you.

Peace be,


I say blame people.

Despite everything that I've learned in my life, including one of the universal laws that everything is a reflection of yourself, I blame people. Why? If you know how to use the art of blame, you understand that it uncovers aspects of yourself that you hide from your most direct experience (meaning, how you yourself do the things that you other people for).

Projection and blaming are useful tools that give you clues as to what it is that you do. If you feel a powerful enough emotional charge to blame someone or something, that means you have created the space to interact with the person or situation in this way.

So blame the world! But. But but but. Know that your blame only reveals yourself. It's painful, but necessary to integrate the parts of yourself you deny to claim your full power.

I love you,