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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Don't know why I can't post the vid here, but here is the url: When we enter into communication, we want it to be evolutionary. What does this mean? This means that we want each interaction we have to aid in our learning so we understand how to maximize happiness in our own lives. When we're happy, we're at our best. Even our bodes produce favorable conditions when we are happy--we produce healthy hormones, our bodies are able to fully break down nutrients, we are even more alert and awake when we are happy. Thusly, for the sake or our health, we want everything in our lives to nourish evolution. Evolutionary communication includes these things: 1) Honoring yourself and what you bring to the interaction 2) Honoring the other and what they bring to the interaction 3) Knowing through your intuition (or checking in with the other person) whether what you are saying, or the other person is saying is contributing to the evolution of the conversation 4) Being present/bringing your awareness to it all These are not progressive steps, but values/ideas that must be exercised throughout the entire conversation. You will know whether the exchange will be good for you if you maintain an awareness of the wisdom inside you--it will tell you through whatever means it can as to whether something will help you or not. It's good to have a practice, that you do every day that keeps your inner awareness clear (yoga, meditation, tai chi, etc). Peace and blessings, Gabriel Goldiamond

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