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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Judiciary Chief Sadeq Larijani: Stop My Son’s Execution

I got this in an email. Please read and sign!

Judiciary Chief Sadeq Larijani: Stop My Son’s Execution

My Son Shahram Ahmadi has been sentenced to death. His case will be reviewed by the Supreme Court in the upcoming weeks. He is 26 years old and has spent the last 6 years of his life in prison. I couldn’t stop the execution of his younger brother Bahram and had a heart attack when I heard the news. The Iranian government refuses to hand over Bahram’s body. Now I need your help to stop Shahram’s execution.


Bahram, on the right in the picture above, has been executed and Shahram, on the left, can be saved. 
We are Sunni and Kurd. My son Shahram like many other Sunni youths has been critical of how badly the Iranian government treats the Sunni minority. Security police arrested him in April 2009 on his way home from mosque in our town, Sanandaj. They shot, beat, and kicked my son in the face, breaking his nose and head. They took him to the Intelligence Bureau of Sanandaj and subjected him to severe torture including electric shocks and forced him to falsely confess to armed resistance. It took the authorities 10 months before they allowed us to see him.
My son's trial was unfair. The authorities kept him in detention for 4 years before charging him. The first time they allowed him to talk to his attorney was on the day of his trial. His trial lasted less than 10 minutes. Judge Mohammad Moghiseh used his coerced confession, the only evidence against him, to declare him a mohareb (enemy of God). I have no doubt that my son would have been found innocent if he had received a fair trial.
Your support could save my son. In the past international pressure has been instrumental in protecting individuals who had been unfairly prosecuted in Iran. A recent example is Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who in 2006 was sentenced to stoning. Due to international pressure her sentence was later reduced to 10 years in prison and in March of this year, the Iranian judiciary announced that she has been released.
Shahram is not the only one at risk. Dozens of other Kurds have been unfairly sentenced to death. Most of their cases are waiting review by the Supreme Court. We do not have much time. Please help me save my son and the other Kurds' lives by asking Iranian officials to halt their executions and grant them fair trials.


Friday, May 30, 2014

The Dark Knight and me in's not what you think

When I first saw 'The Dark Knight' in 2008, I was haunted by Heath Ledger's performance. I don't know or care whether you believe this, but many of the best actors in hollywood invoke spirits for their performance, many of them knowingly invoke what most of us know as 'demons'.

A demon is what I felt in Heath's performance when I saw it. The evil was so strong, I could barely handle it. I did some esoteric research afterward, and I found out the invocation secret that most actors do. Not all of them are evil, of course, many of us think of our 'power animal' or our ancestors to give us strength during tough times. However, Heath was another matter.

If you look at some of the most famous figures of the 20th century, you find that they were nobodies in their craft, then suddenly changed their style and became insanely famous--they also died very tragic deaths.

It is my belief that, these celebrities willingly allow their bodies to be influenced by demon forces--bear with me here. These forces eventually drive them insane, and they take a lot of drugs to lessen the influence in their consciousness. Unfortunately, because these celebrities are not self-empowered, the influences get so strong, that the only way to block them out is to overdose on drugs. This is the ubiquitous 'death-by-drugs' event that you hear many celebrities succumb to (Of course a lot of them are also murdered, but that's a different story).

I also saw a pretty chilling video of an intoxicated Jack Nicholson, who played the Joker in 1989's 'Batman' and was interviewed briefly after strolling out of a restaurant or something. They interviewer asked him what he thought about Heath's death, to which Nicholson answered "I warned him." What?!? This was when my Spider-sense really went off regarding these invocation rituals.

Though I have no hard evidence that Heath actually invoked a demon for his performance as the Joker, it's not really a stretch to assume that hollywood folk are into some really strange shit. I can't presume to be  totally correct in my claim, but I feel that I'm at least close to the truth in my esoteric inferences.

Why am i sharing all this with you? Because, after I saw "The Dark Knight",  I saw everyone saying it was the best comic book movie of all time, and I was like "Everyone's worshiping a demon." I couldn't watch the movie in its entirety for years. (It wasn't a 'scared of the dark' thing, I would literally feel that energy everytime)

Well, I just saw the Dark Knight a few days ago, and I'm proud to say, that my inner light work made watching that movie not so intense. I was able to really zoom in on Heath's performance and appreciate it.  I was able to appreciate the entire movie for what it was. Now I see the character as truly funny, truly genius, and I don't succumb to it anymore. I have too much light for that.

Eh, me an ma blabbin'.

G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Thursday, May 29, 2014


I see so much misunderstanding between the extremes--between the feminists and the men who don't agree, between meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans, between global warming believers and non-believers, multi-sexual pride and those against etc, and everybody thinks that their cause is the one to be adopted or modern human society will be destroyed. While I agree that humanity's practices as a collective must be refined and more heart-centered, I think everyone who is on a 'side' has to learn that their viewpoint is not the only one. Learn to see that your viewpoint is for your empowerment ONLY. Anyone who vibrates with what you say can come on board. The weakness of your perspective comes in when you demonize or dehumanize the other side--it totally saps your power to a state of duality instead of Unity, and the only thing that can manifest is a fight, which is what certain interests want. As long as those interests can keep us believing that the other is inimical, they've won.

This is the real war. The war to control consciousness, to control your belief and perspective of the Universe. Control your own perspective. When you do this, you are loving yourself. When you do this, you are loving others, because when you allow yourself freedom of thought, you allow others the same--not that you are the authority over others, mind you. It simply allows for the energy of God to freely flow between beings when acceptance and allowance takes center stage in the mind.

Jesus taught forgiveness. Why? Because it's way more chill to love and accept another being than to judge and protect yourself against them. Many people don't understand this yet--they're still learning how to be spiritually independent, we all are in actuality.

However, for those that understand the power of forgiveness, you know that it is also more productive for humans to forgive. It lets the energy flow. It allows life, allows God. It allows life, allows God to sculpt the Universe the way S/He sees fit. And because God is the beginning and ending of all things, it follows that whatever God sculpts the Universe into, it is for the good of all

I know I just got a little mystical on you there, but this is how I roll. All humans need to understand that, even though we need to make some changes as a species, we need to start with a more fundamental change--the shift from programmed mind to spontaneous heart, from judgment to embrace, from--at the risk of sounding cliche--fear to love.

Take up your sword, but only 'against' your own shadow. That sword is Love.


G.A.B.E. aka
Excelsior Joymagic

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today's Clean Energy Is Not The Best We Can Do

Perpetual Energy. Solar and Wind are primitive alternative energy sources, but if you used the truly revolutionary technology that yields several times more energy than it needs, irrespective of whether the wind or sun is captured, then you have something truly amazing. The people aren't ready for it yet, which is unfortunate. They have to wipe the crust out of their eyes just to recognize Solar power, which is in actuality kind of inefficient. Cleaner than coal/oil, but inefficient nonetheless.

I also notice there is a subtle pretentiousness at those who have the 'privilege' of having the ostentatious solar panels or wind turbines in their communities, be in at home or overseas. I laugh at this, truly, because even though it is a step in the right direction, it is yet another petty human ego trip. "Germany has the wind turbines...look how ahead of the curve they are." The truth is that the technology is so old and so behind that it is hysterically laughable. Nothing against Germany at all, I'm more not feeling the mentality of the 'Green Movement'--it's just another hierarchy

The really revolutionizing technologies that are on their way to us are what we really need to demand be in the public arena. How likely is this to happen? Well let me just say I'm not holding my breath. Humanity will need to don the technological training wheels of these and other primitive, yet useful, stepping-stone alternative energy sources and harnessers, until the real deal stuff starts hitting the public marketplace. Hopefully, we will have abolished FRN's (federal reserve notes) by then.



Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm not a fan of anyone

I don't really follow a particular artist, director, actor, singer, or producer. When an artist I admire comes up in my awareness I honor them appropriately. The truth is, however, that I only get excited about them because they inspire me to make my own mark.

Because that's all I need them for (on a fundamental level), I don't really go into the other tracks on their album, their lesser-known movies or their lesser-known work in general. I'm excited to create! Lemme get my hands on that mic, or behind that camera, or in front of that camera--I'm gonna show you what EYE can do!

Does that mean I'll never look at lesser known works? No. I just don't follow everything an artist does. I only move when the Spirit moves me. I'm here to create more than consume--or maybe both equally, 'cuz I likes ta eat!

G.A.B.E. Goldiamond aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Friday, May 2, 2014

A Quick Note...

In negative thought, demons surround you. In positive thought, angels surround you.