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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Today's Clean Energy Is Not The Best We Can Do

Perpetual Energy. Solar and Wind are primitive alternative energy sources, but if you used the truly revolutionary technology that yields several times more energy than it needs, irrespective of whether the wind or sun is captured, then you have something truly amazing. The people aren't ready for it yet, which is unfortunate. They have to wipe the crust out of their eyes just to recognize Solar power, which is in actuality kind of inefficient. Cleaner than coal/oil, but inefficient nonetheless.

I also notice there is a subtle pretentiousness at those who have the 'privilege' of having the ostentatious solar panels or wind turbines in their communities, be in at home or overseas. I laugh at this, truly, because even though it is a step in the right direction, it is yet another petty human ego trip. "Germany has the wind turbines...look how ahead of the curve they are." The truth is that the technology is so old and so behind that it is hysterically laughable. Nothing against Germany at all, I'm more not feeling the mentality of the 'Green Movement'--it's just another hierarchy

The really revolutionizing technologies that are on their way to us are what we really need to demand be in the public arena. How likely is this to happen? Well let me just say I'm not holding my breath. Humanity will need to don the technological training wheels of these and other primitive, yet useful, stepping-stone alternative energy sources and harnessers, until the real deal stuff starts hitting the public marketplace. Hopefully, we will have abolished FRN's (federal reserve notes) by then.



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