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Thursday, May 29, 2014


I see so much misunderstanding between the extremes--between the feminists and the men who don't agree, between meat eaters and vegetarians/vegans, between global warming believers and non-believers, multi-sexual pride and those against etc, and everybody thinks that their cause is the one to be adopted or modern human society will be destroyed. While I agree that humanity's practices as a collective must be refined and more heart-centered, I think everyone who is on a 'side' has to learn that their viewpoint is not the only one. Learn to see that your viewpoint is for your empowerment ONLY. Anyone who vibrates with what you say can come on board. The weakness of your perspective comes in when you demonize or dehumanize the other side--it totally saps your power to a state of duality instead of Unity, and the only thing that can manifest is a fight, which is what certain interests want. As long as those interests can keep us believing that the other is inimical, they've won.

This is the real war. The war to control consciousness, to control your belief and perspective of the Universe. Control your own perspective. When you do this, you are loving yourself. When you do this, you are loving others, because when you allow yourself freedom of thought, you allow others the same--not that you are the authority over others, mind you. It simply allows for the energy of God to freely flow between beings when acceptance and allowance takes center stage in the mind.

Jesus taught forgiveness. Why? Because it's way more chill to love and accept another being than to judge and protect yourself against them. Many people don't understand this yet--they're still learning how to be spiritually independent, we all are in actuality.

However, for those that understand the power of forgiveness, you know that it is also more productive for humans to forgive. It lets the energy flow. It allows life, allows God. It allows life, allows God to sculpt the Universe the way S/He sees fit. And because God is the beginning and ending of all things, it follows that whatever God sculpts the Universe into, it is for the good of all

I know I just got a little mystical on you there, but this is how I roll. All humans need to understand that, even though we need to make some changes as a species, we need to start with a more fundamental change--the shift from programmed mind to spontaneous heart, from judgment to embrace, from--at the risk of sounding cliche--fear to love.

Take up your sword, but only 'against' your own shadow. That sword is Love.


G.A.B.E. aka
Excelsior Joymagic

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