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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Raw and Gentle (Poem)

I am raw and gentle in one motion
I am the volcanic island, rumbling with the ire of Gaia, yet my land supports life.
Why do you hypocritically expect me to be safe?
Neither you or I can be a full proof refuge for one another.
I am not a monster,
but I am raw.
I am raw, flesh exposed, as vulnerable to your unconscious barbs
As you are to mine.
It's time that we both admitted that we are both weak in each other's presence, but for good reason.
It is because we Love.
We Love;
We carry the sacred language of the Universe within our hearts.
And it is for this reason that we shouldn't mind being weak,
or vulnerable,
Because absolute vulnerability conquers the mass of creation,
Making us, in truth, completely invulnerable.
So let us be raw and gentle in one motion,
Swirling in the vortex that replays different frames
Of the same moment.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Spiritually Sexy!

Identification with fear is not sexy. A man or woman who knows they have fears, and faces their fears, no matter how slowly or quickly, is sexy.

Stand in your shame, your shyness, your anger, your pride, your desperate need for control.

Stand in it as you look into someone's eyes, watch it change into centeredness, and don't give a f*** 'bout what they other person MIGHT be thinking. If they're meant to continue journeying with you, they will. If they don't, let 'em fly off ya. Shed 'em.

Peace and Blessings,

G.A.B.E. aka
Excelsior Joymagic

Sunday, April 27, 2014


It's not just about doing the thing; it's about who you do the thing with--and no, I'm not talking about sex here, for once. I'm talking about the quality of the energy you share with the people you are around.

You are feeding them as much as you are being fed.

If you're honest with yourself, and you feel any discrepancy or imbalance in nourishing, check to see if you're centered.

If you are and you still feel it, that person is not the one to be doing the thing with.


It's not something either you or they should consider a personal affront. It is a matter of vibration, of feeling fullness in yourself, the relationship, and the activities you take part in.


Keep it gangsta, folks.

G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A G.A.B.E. Sexdiamond Post: Food Porn?

A #Sexdiamond moment:

#Foodporn is that ish you eat at McDonald's. #Foodtantra is that super (raw) #vegan ish that gets you right (or whatever it is that you eat). I mean, think about it. Most Pornography has the reputation of exhibiting the most superficial and un-nourishing form of coital activity. Plus the prefix 'porn' means prostitutes, beings who are perceived by most as demeaned wo(men) and deameaning to women because they have sex for money, or are used only for sex. Why would you want to add that name to your food?

On the other hand, Tantra is the sex of the Universe. It's not just physical human bodies slapping skins. It's the whole of relative existence exploding orgasmically. Ever heard of the Planck Scale? Theoretical Physicists say that this is where potential galaxies--Universes, for that matter--are bubbling like water in a heated cauldron--Cosmic orgasm, yo.

High Vibe people--Those who have done their work--can have nourishing nectar sex with their thoughts and feelings alone; the coital action is superfluous in most cases. Feels good, but not always needed. But when it happens, WHOA. GET 'EM.

This is what high vibe food is--food you make love to on so many more levels than just taste. I know my peeps know what this is. I'm still workin' on mastering this practice of consumption myself, however I have experienced food that is truly nourishing, food that is supremely Tantric, so I'm not talkin' some theoretical intellectual philosophy--it's a living reality, which is the true essence of Tantra.

Hey, call it what you want; it's semantics anyway. I just think that if food is deeply feeding you, it ain't no damn porn.

Still, foodporn does have a ring to it; really rolls off the tongue. I'm serious.


I'm a #cartoon.

Gabe Sexdiamond LOL

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The truth about the 'Present Moment'

They say there is only the Present Moment, but there is no Present Moment. That implies something distinct, which nothing in the Universe is. It is merely the best way to direct our consciousness to what's really important--nothing.

Scientists are looking for a shape to the Universe, to see whether it is expanding or contracting, but this is folly. There is no size. There is no shape. The 'Universe' as we call this experience, is nothing but Dreamspace in the Mind of the Almighty. 

This experience that seems to exist is a flicker of the Mind, a ripple is the otherwise still waters of Infinity, which, in actuality, never ripples. This is what makes it Infinite; it never changes, or moves. It is perfectly stable, still. Our experience only makes it appear that Infinity is vibrating or rippling.

Therefore, for all who scramble and struggle to attain enlightenment, scrambling and struggling is not the way. You already are the silence, you already are Enlightened. It is the 'process' of unraveling the ruse of vibration  that is the experience. The Silence waits regardless of your self-distraction(s). Be earnest in your pursuit of what Masters call 'The Goal", and forgive yourself when you fall.

Karma? There is no Karma (as is it most popularly known), intrinsically. 

The Universe is Mind, Mental. That means that every experience is based on a myriad of thoughts, or belief systems. Karma is the deep-seated belief that you are the servant of a particular course of action.

Because many of us cannot/do not dismantle all the beliefs at once to reveal Silence alone, there is a slow, unfolding process of belief disintegration.

The core belief that keeps a person bound is: "The essence of who I am is the vibrating reality"--this is not true. Who you are is the Silent, Still reality. This core belief is the root from which an infinite number of other beliefs branch out.

Yes, your Universe is a collection of beliefs.Scientists search for the meaning of all life with their instruments and mathematical equations, but all of these are built on the foundations of beliefs in what may be called the 'Universal Mind'!

This is not to discredit Scientists at all--merely to point out that they are search for the answer in the wrong direction.

This is why all the Masters say "Look within". Everything comes from the deep, silent, stillness (or at least it appears to). In any case, this is the place you must learn how to consult.

Meditation, compassion, forgiveness, kindness--these are all practices that focus your mind into this place. 

It is not easy,

For we believe strongly in the vibrating experience--everything is separated from each other, things don't affect one another, everything for itself.

But it's not true.

As long as we are diligent in letting go of all beliefs, we will eventually come to the Silent space, and nothing will obstruct it. We call this "Peace" in the vibratory reality.

Let me tell you something.

People on the spiritual path can get all bent out of shape because no matter how much they do, they believe that they can never be Enlightened. 

They create the vibrating experience of a Guru who will always be Enlightened, and they will never be.

This is, again, folly.

The Guru is simply the one that remembered who s/he really is, 



When we first embark upon the path back to our Infinite Nature, 

the path of dismantling beliefs,

(for many of us) we can't destroy all beliefs at once;

we must start with a belief that aids in our quest.

That belief is, "I can realize Enlightenment."

Enlightenment is the realization of your Silent, Still nature.



It is your only destiny,

Your only inevitability,

Your only true home.


Be diligent in your practice, whatever it may be,

And simply wait;



G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Divination and Consciousness

Though Sidereal Astrology is more accurate with regards to the physical alignment of planets, it's also important to recognize what is accurate within your own consciousness. While I do feel a deep accuracy when someone does  Jyotish readings for me, I translate my own and others energies through tropical--western--astrology, to which I was first introduced.

One of the reasons for this is my Mercury sign, which is Cancer. I learn through my feelings, not simply data acquisition, like Gemini. A subject has to really appeal to my emotions otherwise I do not understand it. You could say something that makes perfect sense, but if I am not emotionally aligned with it, it  in many cases might as well be Ancient Sumerian--Me no understand.

In other cases, I feel totally like my Moon sign in Jyotish--Leo, with a sense of pride and regality. But for the most part I feel that Virgo--that emotional desire for perfection.

I'm not discrediting Jyotish at all, I'm merely saying that it really depends on inclination of the person's consciousness--what is resonant for the person getting the reading.

Transit Moon in Scorpio

So, Scorpio Moon...

Usually Scorpio Moon gets a bad rap because currently, human society doesn't fully understand energy, and thus can perceive Scorpio the wrong way. Even for those who are initiated into the world wide web of energy, it can be a challenging energy to process.

With Moon in Scorpio, the emotional self takes a dive. All the way to the bottom, where Ancient Dragons play, where Universes are formed. This manifests on the human level as a powerful primordial intensity, whether it be in the personality itself, or it is intensity experienced through life events.

The psychic pulsations of life hit you deeply today, and everything is felt to the extreme. If it's irritation for Scorpio, it might be three volcanoes erupting for others. If it's sadness, it can be like hundreds of shadows speaking doom, leading to deep depression. If happiness, it's like being in Angel VIP, you drink all the best Ambrosia--you get the picture.

Just coming off the heels of the full moon, and with the alignment of the Grand Cross coming (which includes Pluto, Scorpio's ruler), Scorpio feels especially 'charming'.

Intensity is not the only quality of Scorpio--another is depth. You may be going deep into yourself today, even if you're being social, only to be made new, or transformed, another quality of Scorpio.

You might even be feeling a little more sexual today, your desires magnified to beastly proportions.

However, none of these things may be happening to you at all. You may simply just be feeling a little more at one with what I like to call 'The Sauce', or the fabric of existence. Bask in your experience and learn.

With Pluto in Capricorn, your emotions shine light on discipline, rules, and structures. How are you carrying on in your life. What structures have you created to control the possibly chaotic energies of Scorpio? How much do you need to let go of to simply the structures of your life? These are the questions Pluto asks to you deepest feeling self.

At its best, Scorpio is the truth of the Universe. All things are in a constant state of flux, constantly shifting, even if they appear solid and unchanging. Be unattached, and you don't suffer dark side of Scorpio, which is tyrannical psychololgical control of...your own self. Be free.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Transit Moon in Libra

The Full Moon is in Libra now! You may feel emotionally intense (because that is the nature of the Moon), but in balanced Libra, the emotions are directed toward a sense of detachment and devotion to social harmony. This might be a little challenging, as Aries Mercury prods you (with its fist) to always speak your instinctual truth.

Two weeks ago, when the New Moon was in Aries, you might have made some intentions for yourself. Now at the Full Moon, the fruits of those intentions are in full power and expression. Now is the time to keep the momentum going with another intention, because as the moon's power evolves back to a 'new' state, a new cycle will begin, one that will, ideally, build upon the intentions you make this month. Make your foundations strong.

The combined energies of both 'new' Aries and 'full' Libra must become harmonized, so essentially the intentions you put forth transcend duality and have the potential to manifest more quickly.

Venus in Pisces is an amicable energy to the Moon in Libra, as both signs are highly privy to the romanticism of relationships, and enjoy losing themselves in the other. Thus the Full Moon makes no effort to thwart your high flying through all the romantic emotions over the next few days. You may indulge yourself, whether in fantasies (Pisces) or reality, but at least keep one foot on the ground (Libra).

Depending on your natal moon sign, the effect of the transit moon on your experience may vary greatly. Abracadabra!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Transit Moon in Virgo

The Moon has shifted into Virgo, reining in the boisterousness of Leo and focusing your emotions on analytical practicality. This is not a Lunar period of ostentatious gestures. This is a inward moon, making sure every portrait in the house is straight and every dust-mite vaccumed. On the psychic level, you are more vigilant and meticulous.

Virgo also rules the rhythms of nature, and it's a perfect time to 'visit' nature. Because Virgo is an earth sign, you may wish to be productive--maybe planting a seed, or getting some plants to add to the decor of your living space will help--actualizing your emotional connection with nature in the form of your active cultivation and participation is the designating factor.

Virgo is exoterically ruled by Mercury, which is currently in Aries. With earth and fire together, there is lava. It isn't a violent lava, but a lava that manifests in the form of a few dribblets at the mouth of a volcano, reminding you what lies deep within. Mars esoterically rules volcanoes, and with it being retrograde, you may definitely feel like exploring that lava, that primordial intensity. The exploration is not very deep however, as Mars is in Libra. It's just nice to feel the power inside.

Virgo is the sign of perfection, be it actual or otherwise. Try not to let your ideas of perfection blind you to the perfection that you already are, that is already in front of you. Teach yourself to forgive yourself and others for their perceived 'shortcomings', and feel the power behind everything you experience, that silent potency that can never be imperfect. Depending on your natal chart signs, effects of the transit moon and other celestial bodies' effects on your experience vary greatly. Excelsior!

Transit Chiron in Pisces

Chiron is the alchemical aspect of consciousness that transforms the scars of self-created suffering into self-healing and teachings for others to heal themselves. Chiron's process begins with a major theme that brings the experience of harm to the psyche in childhood, which is solidified in adulthood. It is at this point that the aware adult must take into her/his own hands the process of that healing/awakening.

Currently Chiron is in Pisces, the sign of transcendental feeling. Pisces is a sign with no boundaries, intimately connected with and, one with everything.

Analyzing this transit, and realizing that Chiron is a generational celestial body, we surmise that the healing, awakening, transformation and initiation of the Piscean energy will be, in its most general sense, from the sense of separation in consciousness, to the realization of oneness.

Transit Chiron forms an umbrella effect over those who were born with other natal Chiron signs. The relationship of their natal Chiron with transit Chiron will bear the theme of 'separation to oneness', but the effects will vary.

For example, my natal Chiron is in Gemini in the 4th house. I heal my perception of family, and activate a higher intelligence in Gemini by transcending its intellectual duality and trusting in the heart, in which all duality is resolved. With Pisces Chiron as an umbrella energy, this healing process takes the hue of 'separation to oneness'. Through healing myself via my natal placement, I achieve healing in the transit Chiron, and thusly, heal the world.

What does that mean?

Pisces is a world sign, and Chiron is as well. All healing is the healing of broken perception into absolute oneness and realization that there was never anything broken. Thusly, Chiron reaches its spiritual zenith in Pisces, the current guiding energy of one's personal understanding of their healing process through their natal placement.

The children being born now will act as spiritual antibodies, in a sense, for the rest of human society, eradicating the pathogens of fear just by the nature of their being. From an early age they will teach us that came before how to seamlessly transition our minds into oneness. By the time they become adults, it is very likely they will be even brighter beacons of light for the world than the 'Indigos' (those of great insight) that came before. Look after them with Piscean compassion, with transcendental feeling.

The only weakness of this placement is that Pisces has a intrinsic difficulty accessing willpower. Pisces is used to coasting, yet with this transit energy there is a mixture of effort and effortless inner work to remember inherent oneness. Without mental focus and open-heartedness toward healing, transfomation can never be.

Pisces is powerful. Keep your heart open, but also make your mind a resource. Focus on what makes you feel fulfilled. Focus on what awakens your heart, and allow the waters of Pisces to wash away all illusion and falseness, leaving only transcendental truth.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Woke Up This morning...Got Myself Some Peace...

Now this is the way I want to feel.

This morning, I woke up with a serenity I had not felt in months. The whole day was so quiet, so peaceful.

In these states I know what I want to do with my life, with calm certainty. However, I always forget in the hustle and bustle of life. I don't think I have time for my deepest dreams. It's not that I don't want the things that I go after, it's just that, at my simplest level, I want to do simple things.

I've also been abhoring packaged food. I just want to live on the land and grow my own. I looked at a package of raw flaxseed snack for almost $6.00 and I cringed. It was an irritating experience to know that I knew how to make the very thing that was sitting before me, almost taunting me, saying "Yeah, I'm $6.00, watcha gonna do about it?" I'd like to sum up this paragraph with the words of Hawah Kasat: “Personally, I feel better when I’m living simply and not being a consumer.”

I want to make things. I want to prepare food. I have a good sense of taste, and I eat raw vegan, so I can find a way to make a tasty version of some cooked foods or processed snacks.

I find that, when I'm in these states of peace, I feel much more comfortable with being social. I see the social sphere as a natural expansion of myself, that I engage when I choose.

Unfortunately (on the surface), I tend to feel this way during a retrograde period. In astrology, the retrograde period happens when a planet appears to be moving backward in the sky. Any planet in retrograde signifies a period of rest, review, meditation, inward journeys.

Retrograde periods tune into the right brain wisdom; this is why, for many, things get f'ed up during a retrograde. They aren't used to operating from creativity and imagination, trust and faith in the Universe.

Truly a retrograde period asks these qualities of us when it occurs. But I digress.

I'm writing this because I'm not simply a guy that knows stuff. I'm a human being with feelings (though I could tap into them much more).

Though the retrograde period feels more natural for me in many ways, it doesn't mean that the consciousness has to go away within me. I can make it a practice to honor my deepest values, and to pursue them while maintaining a calm, clear mind.

You know what's funny about that practice? It leads to a lifestyle where I don't put so much life-or-death emphasis on money.

Sure, I want it, it grants superpowers that allow me to expand beyond domestic and local affairs.

But it's not the be-all-end-all.

Hey, you out there. This is important. I think I might forget this deep dream again.

Sure I wrote in down in my blog, but, don't let me slip and forget. If you ever get a chance, remind me.

Just throwing it out there.


Excelsior Joymagic