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Friday, April 11, 2014

Transit Moon in Virgo

The Moon has shifted into Virgo, reining in the boisterousness of Leo and focusing your emotions on analytical practicality. This is not a Lunar period of ostentatious gestures. This is a inward moon, making sure every portrait in the house is straight and every dust-mite vaccumed. On the psychic level, you are more vigilant and meticulous.

Virgo also rules the rhythms of nature, and it's a perfect time to 'visit' nature. Because Virgo is an earth sign, you may wish to be productive--maybe planting a seed, or getting some plants to add to the decor of your living space will help--actualizing your emotional connection with nature in the form of your active cultivation and participation is the designating factor.

Virgo is exoterically ruled by Mercury, which is currently in Aries. With earth and fire together, there is lava. It isn't a violent lava, but a lava that manifests in the form of a few dribblets at the mouth of a volcano, reminding you what lies deep within. Mars esoterically rules volcanoes, and with it being retrograde, you may definitely feel like exploring that lava, that primordial intensity. The exploration is not very deep however, as Mars is in Libra. It's just nice to feel the power inside.

Virgo is the sign of perfection, be it actual or otherwise. Try not to let your ideas of perfection blind you to the perfection that you already are, that is already in front of you. Teach yourself to forgive yourself and others for their perceived 'shortcomings', and feel the power behind everything you experience, that silent potency that can never be imperfect. Depending on your natal chart signs, effects of the transit moon and other celestial bodies' effects on your experience vary greatly. Excelsior!

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