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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Divination and Consciousness

Though Sidereal Astrology is more accurate with regards to the physical alignment of planets, it's also important to recognize what is accurate within your own consciousness. While I do feel a deep accuracy when someone does  Jyotish readings for me, I translate my own and others energies through tropical--western--astrology, to which I was first introduced.

One of the reasons for this is my Mercury sign, which is Cancer. I learn through my feelings, not simply data acquisition, like Gemini. A subject has to really appeal to my emotions otherwise I do not understand it. You could say something that makes perfect sense, but if I am not emotionally aligned with it, it  in many cases might as well be Ancient Sumerian--Me no understand.

In other cases, I feel totally like my Moon sign in Jyotish--Leo, with a sense of pride and regality. But for the most part I feel that Virgo--that emotional desire for perfection.

I'm not discrediting Jyotish at all, I'm merely saying that it really depends on inclination of the person's consciousness--what is resonant for the person getting the reading.

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