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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Transit Moon in Scorpio

So, Scorpio Moon...

Usually Scorpio Moon gets a bad rap because currently, human society doesn't fully understand energy, and thus can perceive Scorpio the wrong way. Even for those who are initiated into the world wide web of energy, it can be a challenging energy to process.

With Moon in Scorpio, the emotional self takes a dive. All the way to the bottom, where Ancient Dragons play, where Universes are formed. This manifests on the human level as a powerful primordial intensity, whether it be in the personality itself, or it is intensity experienced through life events.

The psychic pulsations of life hit you deeply today, and everything is felt to the extreme. If it's irritation for Scorpio, it might be three volcanoes erupting for others. If it's sadness, it can be like hundreds of shadows speaking doom, leading to deep depression. If happiness, it's like being in Angel VIP, you drink all the best Ambrosia--you get the picture.

Just coming off the heels of the full moon, and with the alignment of the Grand Cross coming (which includes Pluto, Scorpio's ruler), Scorpio feels especially 'charming'.

Intensity is not the only quality of Scorpio--another is depth. You may be going deep into yourself today, even if you're being social, only to be made new, or transformed, another quality of Scorpio.

You might even be feeling a little more sexual today, your desires magnified to beastly proportions.

However, none of these things may be happening to you at all. You may simply just be feeling a little more at one with what I like to call 'The Sauce', or the fabric of existence. Bask in your experience and learn.

With Pluto in Capricorn, your emotions shine light on discipline, rules, and structures. How are you carrying on in your life. What structures have you created to control the possibly chaotic energies of Scorpio? How much do you need to let go of to simply the structures of your life? These are the questions Pluto asks to you deepest feeling self.

At its best, Scorpio is the truth of the Universe. All things are in a constant state of flux, constantly shifting, even if they appear solid and unchanging. Be unattached, and you don't suffer dark side of Scorpio, which is tyrannical psychololgical control of...your own self. Be free.

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