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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Transit Moon in Libra

The Full Moon is in Libra now! You may feel emotionally intense (because that is the nature of the Moon), but in balanced Libra, the emotions are directed toward a sense of detachment and devotion to social harmony. This might be a little challenging, as Aries Mercury prods you (with its fist) to always speak your instinctual truth.

Two weeks ago, when the New Moon was in Aries, you might have made some intentions for yourself. Now at the Full Moon, the fruits of those intentions are in full power and expression. Now is the time to keep the momentum going with another intention, because as the moon's power evolves back to a 'new' state, a new cycle will begin, one that will, ideally, build upon the intentions you make this month. Make your foundations strong.

The combined energies of both 'new' Aries and 'full' Libra must become harmonized, so essentially the intentions you put forth transcend duality and have the potential to manifest more quickly.

Venus in Pisces is an amicable energy to the Moon in Libra, as both signs are highly privy to the romanticism of relationships, and enjoy losing themselves in the other. Thus the Full Moon makes no effort to thwart your high flying through all the romantic emotions over the next few days. You may indulge yourself, whether in fantasies (Pisces) or reality, but at least keep one foot on the ground (Libra).

Depending on your natal moon sign, the effect of the transit moon on your experience may vary greatly. Abracadabra!

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