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Friday, April 11, 2014

Transit Chiron in Pisces

Chiron is the alchemical aspect of consciousness that transforms the scars of self-created suffering into self-healing and teachings for others to heal themselves. Chiron's process begins with a major theme that brings the experience of harm to the psyche in childhood, which is solidified in adulthood. It is at this point that the aware adult must take into her/his own hands the process of that healing/awakening.

Currently Chiron is in Pisces, the sign of transcendental feeling. Pisces is a sign with no boundaries, intimately connected with and, one with everything.

Analyzing this transit, and realizing that Chiron is a generational celestial body, we surmise that the healing, awakening, transformation and initiation of the Piscean energy will be, in its most general sense, from the sense of separation in consciousness, to the realization of oneness.

Transit Chiron forms an umbrella effect over those who were born with other natal Chiron signs. The relationship of their natal Chiron with transit Chiron will bear the theme of 'separation to oneness', but the effects will vary.

For example, my natal Chiron is in Gemini in the 4th house. I heal my perception of family, and activate a higher intelligence in Gemini by transcending its intellectual duality and trusting in the heart, in which all duality is resolved. With Pisces Chiron as an umbrella energy, this healing process takes the hue of 'separation to oneness'. Through healing myself via my natal placement, I achieve healing in the transit Chiron, and thusly, heal the world.

What does that mean?

Pisces is a world sign, and Chiron is as well. All healing is the healing of broken perception into absolute oneness and realization that there was never anything broken. Thusly, Chiron reaches its spiritual zenith in Pisces, the current guiding energy of one's personal understanding of their healing process through their natal placement.

The children being born now will act as spiritual antibodies, in a sense, for the rest of human society, eradicating the pathogens of fear just by the nature of their being. From an early age they will teach us that came before how to seamlessly transition our minds into oneness. By the time they become adults, it is very likely they will be even brighter beacons of light for the world than the 'Indigos' (those of great insight) that came before. Look after them with Piscean compassion, with transcendental feeling.

The only weakness of this placement is that Pisces has a intrinsic difficulty accessing willpower. Pisces is used to coasting, yet with this transit energy there is a mixture of effort and effortless inner work to remember inherent oneness. Without mental focus and open-heartedness toward healing, transfomation can never be.

Pisces is powerful. Keep your heart open, but also make your mind a resource. Focus on what makes you feel fulfilled. Focus on what awakens your heart, and allow the waters of Pisces to wash away all illusion and falseness, leaving only transcendental truth.

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