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Thursday, April 17, 2014

The truth about the 'Present Moment'

They say there is only the Present Moment, but there is no Present Moment. That implies something distinct, which nothing in the Universe is. It is merely the best way to direct our consciousness to what's really important--nothing.

Scientists are looking for a shape to the Universe, to see whether it is expanding or contracting, but this is folly. There is no size. There is no shape. The 'Universe' as we call this experience, is nothing but Dreamspace in the Mind of the Almighty. 

This experience that seems to exist is a flicker of the Mind, a ripple is the otherwise still waters of Infinity, which, in actuality, never ripples. This is what makes it Infinite; it never changes, or moves. It is perfectly stable, still. Our experience only makes it appear that Infinity is vibrating or rippling.

Therefore, for all who scramble and struggle to attain enlightenment, scrambling and struggling is not the way. You already are the silence, you already are Enlightened. It is the 'process' of unraveling the ruse of vibration  that is the experience. The Silence waits regardless of your self-distraction(s). Be earnest in your pursuit of what Masters call 'The Goal", and forgive yourself when you fall.

Karma? There is no Karma (as is it most popularly known), intrinsically. 

The Universe is Mind, Mental. That means that every experience is based on a myriad of thoughts, or belief systems. Karma is the deep-seated belief that you are the servant of a particular course of action.

Because many of us cannot/do not dismantle all the beliefs at once to reveal Silence alone, there is a slow, unfolding process of belief disintegration.

The core belief that keeps a person bound is: "The essence of who I am is the vibrating reality"--this is not true. Who you are is the Silent, Still reality. This core belief is the root from which an infinite number of other beliefs branch out.

Yes, your Universe is a collection of beliefs.Scientists search for the meaning of all life with their instruments and mathematical equations, but all of these are built on the foundations of beliefs in what may be called the 'Universal Mind'!

This is not to discredit Scientists at all--merely to point out that they are search for the answer in the wrong direction.

This is why all the Masters say "Look within". Everything comes from the deep, silent, stillness (or at least it appears to). In any case, this is the place you must learn how to consult.

Meditation, compassion, forgiveness, kindness--these are all practices that focus your mind into this place. 

It is not easy,

For we believe strongly in the vibrating experience--everything is separated from each other, things don't affect one another, everything for itself.

But it's not true.

As long as we are diligent in letting go of all beliefs, we will eventually come to the Silent space, and nothing will obstruct it. We call this "Peace" in the vibratory reality.

Let me tell you something.

People on the spiritual path can get all bent out of shape because no matter how much they do, they believe that they can never be Enlightened. 

They create the vibrating experience of a Guru who will always be Enlightened, and they will never be.

This is, again, folly.

The Guru is simply the one that remembered who s/he really is, 



When we first embark upon the path back to our Infinite Nature, 

the path of dismantling beliefs,

(for many of us) we can't destroy all beliefs at once;

we must start with a belief that aids in our quest.

That belief is, "I can realize Enlightenment."

Enlightenment is the realization of your Silent, Still nature.



It is your only destiny,

Your only inevitability,

Your only true home.


Be diligent in your practice, whatever it may be,

And simply wait;



G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

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