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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Raw and Gentle (Poem)

I am raw and gentle in one motion
I am the volcanic island, rumbling with the ire of Gaia, yet my land supports life.
Why do you hypocritically expect me to be safe?
Neither you or I can be a full proof refuge for one another.
I am not a monster,
but I am raw.
I am raw, flesh exposed, as vulnerable to your unconscious barbs
As you are to mine.
It's time that we both admitted that we are both weak in each other's presence, but for good reason.
It is because we Love.
We Love;
We carry the sacred language of the Universe within our hearts.
And it is for this reason that we shouldn't mind being weak,
or vulnerable,
Because absolute vulnerability conquers the mass of creation,
Making us, in truth, completely invulnerable.
So let us be raw and gentle in one motion,
Swirling in the vortex that replays different frames
Of the same moment.

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