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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ripples in a pond

All beings in your experience are the reverberations of your own thoughts. I've thought about this a lot lately, especially when it comes to having a significant other. You guys know how it is--you'll be wanting to have someone in your life, but no one shows up, or you keep dating the 'wrong people', etc. One day last week I got the intuitive message: "Your mate will be the reverberation of your own happiness." I got an accompanying vision of a pebble being dropped in a pond. Wow. I totally received this message on a visceral level, not just in my head (and we know you haven't really learned something until your whole body knows it). The perfect mate you are looking for is you. Seriously. The only way you can attract this mate, however, is to be overflowing with happiness for who you are ALONE. No one 'out there' can make you happy. I know this is the mantra of the millennium, but it's no less true today than it was in 1012 AD. However, humanity's awareness is expanding, which makes this wisdom more readily available. Thus, we can live this wisdom in our lives. It hasn't been easy--no it has not. I met a gorgeous woman the other day which seemed to match many things I wanted to experience in a woman. I made the brutal mistake of forgetting that she was the reverberation of my own thoughts, and freaked out. I gave the ripples that I created power over myself! It's a tendency of mine, but it's soon to be corrected. I want to be happy, and I know you do too, but we have to step up and take responsibility for our own happiness. We must be unshakably happy with ourselves--it's the only way to sustain a happy life, and to attract people into your life that reinforce and increase this happiness. It's been a tough road for me, like BOOT CAMP. Imagine a drill sergeant waking you up at 6 o'clock every morning shouting at you to be happy. Yeah, it's kinda like that. So know that we are doing those happiness drills together. You are not alone. But we have to know the truth in order to really enjoy each other, and that means, remembering that we are the reverberations of each other, so let the ripples in the pond be created by your heart. Peace 'n' Chicken grease, Gabriel Goldiamond

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