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Monday, February 6, 2012


There have been so many feelings rising up and passing through me the past several days that it's easy to lose track of time, and a stable sense of reality. I'm fine, don't worry, I'm pretty grounded right now, but I wonder if I'll be able to deal with these emotions the same way when I need to be out and about.

What I mean is, will I be able to calmly process them the way I do in solitude? And that's what brings me to the million dollar point: The Moment is the Great Equalizer.

I've been so much more in tune with my body lately, understanding how it is the master of the moment. The body always gives you clues as to your disposition, and multiple levels--physical of course, as well as emotional, psychological, and spiritual. The moment, this present moment, is the great equalizer because it is all we as human beings really have. The past, the future--these are fairy tales, a distraction of imagination.

When I have the courage to be completely immersed in the moment, regardless of the experience of pleasure or pain, I can see how I am perfect in it. There is nothing for me to improve or work on. If working on ourselves until we were perfect was the case, we'd be working forever because that thought process will always find something 'wrong'! The moment is when you give up thought, and only look for the cues from body and feelings, if you've learned what to look for.

It can be daunting to see what blockages in ourselves we need to remove in order to see the perfection that we already are, but simultaneously, the fact that love waits immediately beneath every perceived flaw is the unfaltering truth that destroys all illusions of 'perfection' according to the intellect. This truth also allows us to be fully human, and operate from the unifying power of the heart, which creates harmony no matter how incoherent things may look to the mind. It is always in the greatest interest for all creation to live from the heart, and the heart lives in the moment. The beautiful, fully alive moment, shining, unabashedly naked, embracing you AS YOU.

Did I just go on a poetic ramble? Love you all.

Gabriel Goldiamond

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