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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Divine Feminine's many faces

Today I saw a beautiful video today showing how many paintings transitioned into each other. Here is the link:

Read the comment stream (it's not very long).

Now this is the comment I was going to write on fb in addition to everything else I wrote, but decided to blog it:

"I don't want to give anyone the impression that I am an 'angry black person', because, quite simply, I am not. I am having this experience of being in a brown body, and of wanting to see brown people represented in a more balanced fashion. The following is going to be a huge digression into film and television, but I'm a big media-head (media for me means 'the liaison between you and information", and in this entry I mean film and television) so...brown people can be intelligent scientists, and main character superheroes.

American Brown people (that are referred to as blacks) can be just as compelling and emotionally gripping as Caucasians on screen, and not just Denzel Washington,  Samuel L Jackson, or Morgan Freeman (and in a non contemporary case, Sydney Poitier). 'Blacks' weren't just 'slaves', that's a mind programme. 'Blacks' were spiritual Kings and Queens.

This is no slight against other so-called races, (which is a pretty ridiculous ideology, considering that DNA across the board varies little, meaning all of us have a common genetic stream, but anyway) who are also marginalized and heavily stereotyped (as if they couldn't find enough of 'em) in media. Maybe this rant shows that I might be lying about being an 'Angry black person'? I dunno. I just love movies, and I want to see all 'races' and physical features represented and appreciated in what we all watch."

What do you think? Do you think that all 'races' should be 'equally' represented in film and media. I put it in quotes because it's such an abused term, but I mean it in the purest way possible.

Alright, peace unto you,

G.A.B.E. aka Excelsior Joymagic

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