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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Everyone has a voice

Everyone has an opinion; the key is constructively using those opinions. 

The Internet is the novel multifaceted platform through which human beings (at least of my generation) predominately communicate. 

This leads to circumstances that give everyone a voice to be heard. This has both pros and cons, obviously, most things do. 

So here we have a situation where everyone has a voice, an opinion, and says exactly what they feel online.

The problem here, especially in Western Society, is that humans as a whole are not taught fundamental values of life like, respect, dignity, responsibility, you know, Saturday morning special type stuff. This thus translates into a great deal of people making opinions that are lewd, dismissive, petty, and degrading.

While, as a Divine Being, one should respect each person's opinion and experience, it is important that we as humans raise our vibration in order to see the usefulness of such opinions from a 'big picture' perspective. Raising one's awareness, or viewpoint to see the impact of an experience is crucial to understanding its relevance. When we raise our vibration--when we cease to react to everything and simply get re-centered in our being, values, beliefs, and positive selfimage, we can see if and how a viewpoint is relevant to our personal, social, and global lives.

When we get a bird's eye view we begin to sift through the opinions that uplift us, the opinions intended to degrade us, the positive opinions that only brown-nose us, and the challenging opinions that help us grow. We can see how these opinions, whether they are inner beliefs or viewpoints from others, can be applied to our lives if applicable and how they will impact others when applied.

Everyone has a viewpoint; that will be true as long as we manifest ourselves as individuals. It is how we use those opinions to raise the vibration of our lives individually and collectively--SIMULTANEOUSLY. Then, instead of threads and threads of opinions just for the sake of it, we can take the buffet of perspectives and see if they are truly applicable to the amelioration of human existence. Just my opinion.


G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

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