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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Religion is something you build

I've just thought about religion. In my opinion, religion from one standpoint is the rigid worship of ideas as holy and unchangable, as the one and only truth, and any other set of beliefs is regarded as not worth researching or discussing.

Religion, however, can be a liberating force of mind rather than an enslaving one. The liberating religion is a very different religion than most humans are prepared to accept.

This kind of religion, is the religion of experience.

Contrary to popular religion--aHEM--belief, experience is the only way to truly know something without doubt.

Most people believe that knowledge comes from repetition of 'facts', 'figures', and beliefs to a human mind. "There. Now you know the information."

But it will remain an unengaged reality; this so-called knowledge will never be alive for you

You see, more and more science is proving that the human mind learns best when the subject is something it is interested in, or uses an interesting activity to learn the information. This is how the mind adopts information as its own--by attaching new information to 'old' information already confirmed by individual experience.

Tony Robbins says that this is the process of learning--associating the known with the unknown.

When the human mind associates with new information, it becomes part of that human's experience--it becomes an undeniable fact to that person

There's a really big 'but' though.

Because this formula of learning can be used to fill minds with false doctrine, there is another factor that assures experience is true for one's own lifepath...


The unconditional acceptance of who you are.

This means you have to know yourself--

Both your highs and your lows,

Your great attributes and your not so good ones--

and Love them equally.

When you do this, life becomes a process of integration, rather than a struggle of accumulation.

It becomes an adventure of experience, instead of a lifeless path of facts.

Experience becomes your only true tool for knowledge,

not hearsay,

not idol worship of some historical figure,

just YOU.

The same goes for religion.

Your worship, adoration and Love for the Creator must be built out of your own experience!

People love to tell you how to think, feel, and behave about God, but how can you really value God if you

don't create your own relationship with God?

Religion becomes a lifeless tool of control, then.

You don't have to believe in any particular deity to have a relationship with the cause of all things.

You just have to know what rings true for you in your heart.

Religion is truly built by your personal experience from the level of the heart.

Loving yourself, and understanding that your experience is the only thing you really have brings God to you.

Whatever you come to see God in:




Sustainable Living practices,


Et cetera.

Let your knowledge grow as you coem to know yourself, to know God, more and more deeply.

This is the real religion.

Real religion is built by your own experience of god in your heart.

There is no deity outside of yourself that you must submit to.

Unless you want to build your religion, through your own experience, with the idea of a deity.

Remember, on this path of religion, it must be built of the sweat of your own brow--you must do your own work...

And God is there effortlessly, and S/He will never leave,

Because of the conviction your havem the PROOF you have, from your own precious experience.


G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

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