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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Receiving Love

There is a fine line between receiving Love in empowerment, and begging for Love.


Because in both cases, receiving Love is a mandate.

What is the fine line?

The one giving the mandate.

In the first case, it is the Heart, the Most High that commands you to honor your nature as Love.

In the second case, it is the ego, the illusory self, that believes it lacks Love and believes only others have it.

I am experiencing this challenge now. One one hand, Spirit, The Most High, is commanding me to receive Love. One the other, the old story that others have Love and not me is what the ego is mixing into Spirit's mandate and giving itself an excuse to act as a beggar and not an emperor.

Maybe in a case like this it serves to remember that no matter how much I pretend to be a beggar, I am an emperor of Love, who boldly gives and receives--a Lion of affection.

Perhaps it better serves to break down completely, to be a needy, clingy, mess, and receive the Love anyway.

Perhaps, there is no division, there is no fine line--

When personal responsibility is not avoided but fully embraced.

I Love,

and I am Loved.

My mandate is to receive all the way to my core.

Are you experiencing something like this? Please let me know.


G.A.B.E. aka

Excelsior Joymagic

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