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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Single

So I've been spending the last few days mixing my new single, "Bathing in Light" and it's been more difficult than I originally imagined. It's done and up on the bandcamp website if you wanna give it a listen ( Lately I've been preparing my mind to leave this lovely house that I have been sitting for almost three weeks. Being here has given me a lot of valuable reflection time. The most important lesson I've learned is how to remain calm and in the heart no matter what appears to be going on around you. I've also learned that I really need to invest my time in creating a stable place for me to live. Like I may have said in an earlier post, can't stand jobs--well, jobs that demand more energy from me than is necessary. Because of where I live, if you only have a job for 10-15 hrs a week paying 7.50 an hour, you're still okay. That's because of the overall kindness and compassion of this here town I live in in the Midwest. People look out for you here, and there are plenty of opportunities to house-sit or dog-sit that give you a place to squat while you're still setting up your chess pieces. That's an interesting analogy, because it insinuates that, in the game of life, I haven't even begun to play yet. I came into this life with few pieces. I didn't know I had to protect my king with those pieces. The King is synonymous with your true self, the one that society keeps trying to destroy. I didn't know I had to protect until it was too late, until who I was as a person was violated on many levels. So I realized I needed to remember my 'King' , my inner beauty that I knew needed to be guarded.  But even with the King, chess ain't chess without all the pieces, so that's what I've been doing all my life, trying to protect my king as best I could with a handful of pieces, while ever so slowly collecting more. Now I'm at a point where, with just a little more time, I will have all my pieces and be ready to play. But then the next challenge is "How to play" and play with increasingly more skill with every match. Cheers and Excelsior, Gabe

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