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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hanuman Chalisa and Showin' Luhv

Did 50 reps today. I cried so hard during it, my heart was so open. A bunny rabbit was running toward me as I was chanting like I was another tree or blade of grass. For a moment I was totally calm and accepting, and surprisingly unsurprised at the rabbit's approach. Then my heart froze. I was supposed to be scared, wasn't I? Couldn't let an animal like that get too close to me. Anyway, it seemed my fear made the rabbit run away. I began to judge myself, then quickly threw the judgment away as the tidal wave of love became larger and larger within me. I peeked behind the bench I was sitting at, still looking for the rabbit. I was shocked to see that the rabbit was standing amongst the plants about five feet behind me. Note I was still chanting. The rabbit looked entranced, listening to the chanting! I mean, I could be crazy, but that's how it felt. Usually rabbits run away, but this one stuck around. Whether the rabbit really cared about what was happening to me was irrelevant at that point--I bawled in gratitude for Mother Nature in the form of a rabbit listening and enjoying the chanting coming from my lips. Yeah, I'm a hippie to the fullest. I'm all about Big Mama being respected. But give an eye to the vid above for more of what happened during my chalisas today. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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