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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Speaking "Anti-Man" is "Anti-Woman"

I was going to write about manifestation today, but this article about--wait for it--women's nocturnal emissions intrigued me. Mainly this one statement: "...the sexuality narrative in our culture tends to portray male sexuality as more “uncontrollable” than female sexuality." This got me thinking about the law of attraction and how what we speak and truly believe plays out in the physical world. I've done a lot of research on why people of the opposite sex learn not to trust one another, and aside from surface level differences, it mainly has to do with the mantras that are being repeated to and by us in our culture. "Men are dogs." "Women are crazy." These are literally mantras that self-hypnotize us to create a reality in which the masculine and feminine are out to destroy one another. Now don't misunderstand, It's not that men can never be dogs, And it's not that women can never be crazy, But these are gross oversimplifications and generalizations of both genders and of the genetic traits that have developed very naturally within us, namely, the instincts of conquest and security in men and women, respectively. Conquest, and uh, security? Again, it is the mantras of hate, mistrust and separation that exaggerate these traits into a state of imbalance, coming most powerfully from the television and movies when people lazily give their minds to it. This is why it is not healthy to speak with hate against a force you believe has wronged you. Humanity has gone through some rough shit, it's true. Men have been assholes to women, and many still are doing so. But it doesn't help to keep labeling the masculine force in the way it has manifested in the past, that only perpetuates the cycle. The same goes for men, cease to condemn women for their occasional pilgrimages into emotional abandon... (These are just examples, there are men who are emotional and women who are assholes, just to show that it is not my intent to oversimplify.) ...Cut the cycle of hate and mistrust off, QUICK! Get ya 'sabers ready! (Yeah, like a bawss.) Then what do you do? Start to love them. Some would say that this is hard, but WHERE THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY. If you really want to live in a world in which not one more woman is raped, or sexually abused, If you want to live in a world in which the masculine respects the feminine, You have to take the initiative WITHIN YOURSELF. This goes for both sexes, so we can finally work together and make things right. Life can bullshit you here on planet Earth. You think that you've been done wrong and there's no reason to love anymore. But when you open your eyes and grow up you see the only one who can do you wrong, IS YOU. You're the one living your life, not anyone else. "But wait those things happened to me, and I didn't want them to." Those were just lessons, baby. There will be a lot of cynics here who will scoff at that statement, but it really is true. This planet is a tough place to live, But just like weight-lifting, It makes you spiritually stronger. Be the Love that you are, Speak Love of those you hate. We believe in Martin Luther King without question, But when Gabe gets on the mic he's 'crazy'? ... Okay maybe I am a little crazy, but I'm breaking down King and Gandhi's philosophy and way of life to you! LOL. But it's cool though, Because I know to be and speak Love. If I ever do otherwise, It is literally an attack against myself. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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