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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My obsession with Lauryn Hill

All of a sudden I have a preoccupation with Lauryn Hill that started a few days ago--actually exactly one day before her birthday--I didn't know her birthday before then (I knew she was a Gemini, though lol, so I had to check on imdb). I also feel I'm connecting with her energy spontaneously because something has shifted within her (possibly with regards to her 3-month prison sentence) and my energy is spontaneously rising to help her. That happens to me a lot with people in my personal world and in the world at large. But this preoccupation with Lauryn gives me a memory. Ten years ago I got to meet her. Well, I saw her about fifty feet away from me. Back then I went to the University of Connecticut, where I did work study as a stagehand inside the famous Jorgensen Theatre. What I remember most about the night that Lauryn came and performed there was, she was really grumpy. Everyone in the crowd wanted to hear the songs from 'Miseducation' but she had written new material that she wanted to play. I remember thinking "What's the problem, why is she being so mean, why won't she play the songs we all like?" Needless to say, looking back on my experience since then as a growing human and musician, as well as some insight as to what she was going through around 2002-2003, I feel like an idiot. Lauryn had only 3-4 years prior become disillusioned by the system's pressures after she attained great success with 'Miseducation', and wanted to be free. Plus as a musician, when you're in a state of development, and want to show where you are to the people, and they only want to hear what you've done, it can get you a little grumpy. For some reason that experience silently echoed in my mind over the years, until it came time for me to step on stage--then I understood why Lauryn acted the way she did. Sometimes life shows you a precursor of what truly lies within you, a state of being only a few experiences away. Life has done this several times with me. Maybe that's why you should treat everyone in the Universe as your teacher, because as much as you may want to believe you are 'not them', you are but a few experiences away from them, whether you see them as 'good' or 'bad'. So that was my little rant there ~sigh~. Much Love. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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