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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hyphy Hanuman and the Chalisas

Yes, I chant Hanuman Chalisas everyday. If not chanting, then listening to a bangin' recording of it. The Hanuman Chalisas are verses written by the sage Tulsidas in order to awaken spiritual strength within us--emphasis on STRENGTH. For those that don't know, Hanuman was/is the monkey god in the Vedic epic known as the Ramayana. Hanuman was the devotee of Lord Rama, who himself was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme God of all things. When Hanuman was young he was a fully realized devata (deity), but he was cursed to forget his incredible power and strength as a result of his constant teasing and abuse of the Rishis (sages) of the day. He'd only regain his powers when someone reminded him, and he needed to be reminded often. The Chalisas written by Tulsidas are in fact a way to remind those who chant of their own inner spiritual power. This chant speaks from the Soul to the Soul, so the message doesn't always register consciously. However, with much practice (The chalisas are part of sadhana, or spiritual practice) you will begin to remember your inner power and infinite devotion for the Supreme God. Whether or not you follow the Vedic teachings is irrelevant--the deities really represent aspects of our own consciousness. Therefore, when we talk of Hanuman, we are talking of that pure devotee-like, powerful being that only need remember that s/he is powerful. Hanuman is US. Let us remember our inner power, Love the Supreme, and Love one another! Here's a song I made that pretty much celebrates the chalisas and what they've done for my life called HYPHY HANUMAN With that said, I bid you adieu. Excelsior, Gabe

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