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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Women Warriors Rock

I'm more inspired by women than men when it comes to physical regimen. I've been posting pics to face book of gorgeous, hard-bodied goddesses. Damn they're on fire! When I see a woman with a nice body, then I want to have a nice body--can't have a double standard there. It's true. Wow. Damn. GOD: "Gabe, stop staring, you have a blog to write." Me: "Oh yeah, right. Moving on..." There is a femininity that resonates in me, I guess. When I see women working out and bettering their bodies, I immediately want to get into the gym. I know that's a little strange, but hey, isn't it women that inspire men to become better anyway? I rest my case. Enter Mahliyo. She's a compro student at the local university, Maharishi University of Management. She's from Uzbekistan, a country north of Afghanistan and south of Kazakhstan (just for the geographically challenged--I had to look at a map). But that's not what we're here to talk about today. Remember my man Schuy from a few posts ago? Well, to reiterate, he is a personal trainer and Mahliyo is one of his students. She came to him with the intention of changing her diet and losing weight, and her transformation has been rapid. She is transitioning to a raw vegan diet and has lost (if I remember correctly) about 15 lbs in the course of two weeks. That's impressive. She and Schuy workout right in his living room, and the training is quite grueling for her. Schuy has the unique gift of coming up with the regimen on the fly, so the workout is not too routine or boring, and keeps Mahliyo guessing what's going to come next: Last night, after several days of seeing her train, she inspired me to get involved, so I trained with her under Schuy's direction. I hadn't been to the gym in months, though I do try to keep it gangsta with some pushups, sit ups, and Yoga in my free time. Still, I gotta get back at a higher level of training! Schuy usually starts Mahliyo off jumping on the trampoline, as you see in the video, and then has her throw punches, punches with weights, squats, jumping jacks, pushups--the list goes on. She grits her teeth with every exercise, (sorry Mahliyo), but she pushes through and comes out a champ each night. She has an inner focus and intensity that I don't even think she understands fully yet. I can see that as she progresses she will be a no-nonsense kind of chick. I also got involved in another way: Schuy spontaneously let me end the training session with some cool-down Yoga asanas. Thanks for allowing me to do that! After the Yoga, we were all tired as heck. Bodies sore, couldn't do more. It was very satisfying, I was ready to sleep like a baby. That was awesome, Mahliyo, see you next time. Keep kickin' ass, and do not give up. NEVER DO IT. I support you, and I'll get my flab in line too, damnit. Excelsior, G.A.B.E.

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