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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jim Carrey Don't like Kick-Ass 2 No More

Really Jim? What made you change your tune? You LOVED the first movie, you readily signed on for the sequel, and I'm sure you were aware of events like Columbine and Virginia Tech, so what's up? The movie's about to drop this year, that's what. See my question is, who's in your ear? Who's in your pocket telling you to say this stuff? Sandy Hook can't possibly be the reason you don't want to support a project you were excited to be a part of. If it were, you would have quit right when it happened. Sure you did that really silly video bashing Charlton Heston after he died, but that's not enough to prove your story broham. What's up with you? Something about this whole thing just feels fishy. Why is it fishy? Because of this 'all-of-a-sudden' against guns thing. Carrey's been in plenty of movies with guns in them. Now, of all times you have a change of heart? Hmm. I'm not saying a sudden change of heart can't happen--happens to me a lot. But in a world of celebrity, where agendas are being pushed to sway people's minds, you tend to look at any celebrity's allegiances with a bit of suspicion. Celebrities are people, too, yes they are. As a matter of fact, they may be less than 'people' because their images and personality are used to get people sitting in their couches and movie seats to buy into certain agendas that a small group of people have planned for them, so those celebrities are basically shadows. Seriously. Every movie, TV show, and comercial is selling you an idea, whether you know it or not. They are not just selling you a product. There are particular ideas behind what's being shown to you to get you to subconsciously follow and help carry out certain agendas, whether they be for your wellbeing or not. This has been done since the fertile crescent. it's just that now it's TV, radio, internet. I don't know. Jim Carrey may really be against guns and gun users. But there's an obvious 'wait a minute...' that pops into your head with this situation. I don't know don't listen to me, I might be babbling about some theory. I do have a room plastered with news articles and pictures and maps with tacked string connecting certain points in the United States. For what? I don't know. So Jim, continue to slam the movie you were excited to be in, the series you were attracted to because of its violence. I won't judge you. Wait, yes I will. I used to to love you, Jim, like Common used to love Hip-Hop. The only difference between me and Common is that Common still loves Hip-Hop. I don't really know what to say about you. That was a little extreme. Let me be honest, I think Carrey is a mouthpiece. Is that 500 words? No? Hmm, let me think. Only on the internet can 'hmm' be a word, and only in Hollywood can you shoot an entire movie with guns in it and then at the last minute of post-production give it the finger. What a hero. Excelsior, G.A.B.E. P.S. This particular blog is for humor only, it doesn't really matter what Jim Carrey does or thinks, because even if he is a mouthpiece for some greedy corporate or fearful manipulative government forces, I'm probably going to see Kick-Ass 2 anyway. Or is that what they wanted? No publicity is bad publicity. Dammit! Reverse psychology!

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